Dr. Edward Group: Urine therapy is the golden secret to health


04/15/2022 // Kevin Hughes // Views

For world-renowned natural health expert Dr. Edward Group, urotherapy or urine therapy is the golden secret to health.

“I can honestly say right now that I think urotherapy is the most
overlooked and suppressed medical secret in the history of the world.
It is urine therapy, which is the golden secret to health,” said Group,
who is the founder of the Global Healing Institute.

Urotherapy, which is also called uropathy or urinotherapy, refers to a number of applications of urine for medicinal or cosmetic purposes, including applying it to one’s skin or even drinking it.

The alternative health advocate and best-selling author stated that people will find this fact mouth-dropping, gross and crazy.

“Same thing happened to me. Hear me out. I’ve got all the
evidence that you have something for free inside of you right now that
will take care of anything, any health problem that you might be
suffering from and neutralize any damage you may have already received
for almost the entire course of the 20th century,” Group said.

According to Group, doctors and researchers have proven that
human urine is an enormous source of over 2,500 vital nutrients,
vitamins, hormones, enzymes and critical antibodies that cannot be
duplicated or derived from any other source as well as up to six
unidentified compounds not yet known to man.

Urine has also been used to treat cancer, heart disease,
allergies, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, asthma, infertility,
infections, poisoning and wounds, among others.

The founder and CEO of Global Healing added that the human body’s self-healing mechanism has the most powerful production of the most vital nutrient and the most vital medicine that a person will ever have.

Urine therapy has lots of benefits and uses

The natural health expert noted that urine therapy has lots of
benefits and uses, such as treatment for heart palpitations, infections,
toothache, swelling and psoriasis. It can also serve as poison

He quoted a urine therapy specialist who said that urine is the
most nutrient-dense mineralized drink on the planet with properties that
are antibacterial, antifungal and anti-Candida.

The best-selling author said that in nature, there are snakes,
spiders, bees or anything that punctures the skin and injects poison and
that this creates a reaction called a cytokine storm. (Related: Wilderness survival: What to do if you get bitten by a snake.)

Group said one solution is to let your body produce an anti-venom.

“It’s been known in India and other parts of the world for
thousands of years [that] to survive a poisonous snake bite, you drink
your own urine. You put urine under your tongue for 15 seconds and your
body produces the anti-venom and it produces the antibodies and you
don’t die from the poisonous snake bite,” Group said.

The alternative health advocate cited two men who survived after
being bitten by a poisonous snake by treating themselves using urine as
an antidote.

“So that just shows you the power that is already in you to serve
as an antidote to a poison. Urine is an anti-poisonous substance and a
good tonic,” Group said, adding that snake charmers keep a bowl full of
urine while catching and working with snakes so they may be able to
drink and apply it in case of a snake bite.

Group also disclosed that an extract of human urine has shown great promise
for the treatment of pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases, as well as
certain deadly diseases caused by the formation of blood clots. He said
the extract in urine called urokinase activates substances in the
bloodstream that dissolve clots.

“Now’s the time for us to do research and try to find things that
will help humanity. All I ask is that you have an open mind,” Group

Watch the video below to know about the antidote to all poisons and the most suppressed medical secret.

This video is from the Dr. Edward Group channel on Brighteon.com.


After launching his long-awaited course, “Urotherapy: The Ancient Art of Self-Healing,” Dr. Group follows up his highly-requested Q&A event with a video on the best ways to use urotherapy. Walking you through the internal and external methodologies, Dr. Group offers personal insights to help you begin your journey into self-healing.

The most common 12 methods covered in this video include:

1. Drinking
2. Massage
3. Enemas
4. Eye Drops
5. Ear Drops
6. Bellybutton
7. Urine-Pulling/Oral
8. Nasal Decongestant
9. Foot Soaks
10. Full-Body Baths
11. Nebulizing/Vaporizing
12. Aging/Evolving