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Moon Landing Conspiracy: The Apollo Hoax

Was there a NASA conspiracy to fake the Apollo 11 moon landing?

Moon Landing Conspiracy The Apollo Hoax

Moon Landing Photos

Top 8 Examples Proving the Moon Landing Was a Hoax

The 60’s was a decade where technology was only just figuring out how to develop the computer mouse, so it’s not surprising that many people question the authenticity of the moon landing. Here are the top 8 lines of evidence exposing the moon landing hoax.

1 The American Flag Flutters Gently in the Non Existent Breeze

It’s an iconic image for the citizens of the United States of America: their flag, planted on the moon and waving gently in the breeze. Only, there is no breeze on the moon, meaning there is no air in the moon’s atmosphere, and hence, there is no wind whatsoever. This is one of the most obvious stuff ups in the staged moon landing hoax. Of course, NASA tries to get around this by saying it wasn’t blowing in the wind, it was just a bit crumpled from being rolled up on the journey…Well, judge for yourself.

2 Is There More Than One Sun? Because Those Shadows Don’t Match Up!

NASA produced an abundant supply of photos and video footage to support their moon landing. But, it soon became evident that there was something a bit fishy about these photos on the moon; ever noticed that the angle of the shadows do not match up? Shadows are caused by light sources. On the moon, there should only be one light source: the Sun. So, logically, all shadows should be parallel to each other. Only shadows in the photos of moon landing are not. In fact, the shadows in many of the photos run in different directions. It’s almost as if the shadows are caused by… yes, multiple lights on a film set!

3 You’re in Space… Then Where Are the Stars?

On a cloudless evening, you can see an abundance of twinkling stars in the night sky. Surely from the moon, with its lack of clouds and complete absence of artificial light, you should be able to see even more stars with the naked eye? Only, you can’t. In fact, in all of the photos taken during moon landing, you cannot see a single star. Not one. Sure, the photos taken in the 60’s weren’t amazing quality, but these days you can capture the stars in a photo taken from your phone, so shouldn’t the high tech NASA cameras have been able to pick up something?

4 Oh Look! It’s the Same Rocks & Mountains…Again…And Again

NASA has marked out the exact locations of the moon landing missions, showing how they have explored sites that are miles apart. With that in mind, why do the photos from the Apollo 15 mission show identical backdrops? NASA swears that these photos were taken in different locations, yet the photographic evidence clearly shows the same patterns of gently sloping hills and valleys. It’s almost like NASA were just getting sloppy by the time they hit the Apollo 15 mission. “Why bother creating new sets, we’ll just use the same ones repeatedly…Surely no one will notice.”

5 Carved by Nature… Why Does That Rock Have a “C” Drawn on It?

In yet another example of the technicians on set just being sloppy, one of the moon landing photos shows a “moon rock” which has a perfect letter ‘C’ printed on it. The perfect symmetry of the letter shows that it is not naturally occurring. Now, it’s perfectly credible that a prop used on a film set would be marked with a reference letter. But there is no plausible argument for the “C” just being naturally weathered into the surface of the rock. As a result, NASA came up with a different, though no less implausible, explanation for the rock with the “C”. According to them, it’s a stray hair. It can’t be more ridiculous than this!

6 Fly Through a Belt of Radiation and You Should’ve Get Cooked

Everyone knows how dangerous radiation can be: overexposure to it can cause radiation poisoning and even death, so It is should be avoided at all costs. To get to the moon, you have to fly through a band a radiation known as the Van Allen radiation belt. Yes, the space craft had an aluminum coating, but is that really enough to protect a human being whilst they spend over one and a half hours traversing a band of radiation? NASA, of course, said “yes” and that the astronauts weren’t in the radiation for all that long. But an hour and a half still sounds like a pretty long time to be inside a cosmic microwave.

7 What’s That I Can See Reflected in Your Helmet?

When the photos were published of the Apollo 12 moon landing, many people noticed something a tad unusual reflected in the shiny helmet of an astronaut. It appeared to be something hanging from a wire or perhaps a rope. In fact, it looked suspiciously like an overhead spotlight, the kind you see used in Hollywood movie studios. Whilst admittedly, the photo quality is a bit grainy, making it impossible to positively identify the object. It still begs the question: what could possibly be suspended in midair on the moon? There should be nothing there for anything to be hanging from!

8 Not Much of an Impact

Have you ever seen the photos of the astronauts footprints embedded in moon dust? The astronauts described this dust as being similar to “talcum powder or wet sand”. That being the case, why is there no sign of impact where the lunar module landed? You’d think that a rocket-ship landing on a big pile of talcum powder would leave some kind of impression in the surface, but according to the moon landing photos, no such evidence exists. In fact, it looks more like the lunar module was just placed in position. This is just yet another blindingly obvious defect in the details of the moon landing hoax.

Buzz Aldrin Admits To Conan O’Brien That Moon Landing Was Staged

On a late-night talk show hosted by Conan O’Brien, astronaut Buzz Aldrin made a shocking confession that sent shockwaves throughout the world. During the interview, Aldrin suddenly revealed that the iconic 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing, which he had personally participated in, was in fact staged.

As soon as the words left his mouth, the studio audience fell into a stunned silence. Conan O’Brien, taken aback by the revelation, asked Aldrin to elaborate. The astronaut explained that the whole event had been a carefully orchestrated hoax, designed to boost America’s global image during the Cold War.

O’Brien: “Let’s talk about this because this is fascinating. I remember very clearly; I think anybody who was alive at the time does. I remember my parents waking me up and we went down, and we watched you guys land on the moon.

Aldrin: “No, you didn’t. Because there wasn’t any television, there wasn’t anybody taking the picture. You watched animation so you associated what you saw with… you heard me talking about, you know, how many feet we’re going to the left and right and then I said contact light, engine stopped, a few other things and then Neil said ‘Houston, tranquility base. The Eagle has landed.’ How about that? Not a bad line.”

According to Aldrin, the United States government, in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), had gone to great lengths to simulate the moon landing. The astronauts who had supposedly landed on the lunar surface were actually on a soundstage, surrounded by props and special effects.

The revelation sent shockwaves around the world, with many people questioning the authenticity of the moon landing. Conspiracy theories abounded, and the government and NASA faced intense scrutiny and backlash.

NASA said in 2006 that no one could find the original video recordings of the July 20, 1969, landing. However, in 2009 NASA released a complete digital make-over of the original landing footage that clarifies the blurry and grainy images of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walking on the surface of the moon .

However, despite the uproar, Aldrin refused to retract his statement. He stood by his claim, insisting that the moon landing had indeed been staged.
What is the real truth?

The truth still appears to be shrouded in a veil of uncertainty. The questions and doubts raised by his revelation lingered on, haunting the public consciousness for years to come. And to this day, many people still wonder whether the moon landing was truly a historic achievement, or merely a grand deception.

Buzz Aldrin full “Why didn´t you go back?” interview

“Why has nobody been to the moon in such a long time?”
“Ha, that’s not an eight year old’s question. That’s my question.
I want to know, but I think I know… cause we didn’t… go there and… and that’s the way it happened. And if it didn’t happen, it’s nice to know why it didn’t happen so in the future if we want to keep doing something we need to know why… something stopped in the past that we wanted to keep it going.

Uh.. money… is a good thing. if you want to buy new things, new rockets, instead of doing the same thing over then its going to cost more money. and other things need more money too.”

After Apollo 11 landing Interview

Note Armstrong’s somber and defeated facial expressions, body language and tone in what should have been a victorious type atmosphere. He and Aldrin seem to be wearing ear pieces. Also note the cold, calculated and mechanical language\diction used to the describe the discovery of one of the biggest mysteries known to mankind.

Buzz Aldrin WARNS: “We Are All In Danger. It Is Evil Itself”

Buzz Aldrin has tweeted an ominous warning on Twitter this week, claiming that “we are all in danger. It is evil itself,” accompanied by a picture of a pyramid at the South Pole.

The tweet comes days after the U.S. astronaut was mysteriously taken ill in Antarctica.

The emergency request for an “ailing visitor” was made by The Antarctic Company, a South African tourism company, according to the NSF. The International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators confirmed Aldrin’s evacuation, saying he was “stable” when he was taken from the South Pole to McMurdo base in Antarctica.

Are There Pyramids In Antarctica?

Do you think 4 or 8 sided symmetrical pyramidal mountains geologically naturally form?

That doesn’t happen especially when some locations contain multiple anomalies.

    The base of these structures are equally apart.
    Some of the pyramids as we show 8 sides to, just like the pyramids of Giza
    The surface on the side of the structures are more or less leveled out (Which is impossible for natural formation)
    Numerous of these findings are all over Antarctica
    Antarctica use to be a rainforest

The Ancient Pyramids of Antarctica — Piri Reis Map Suggests a Thriving Ancient Civilization

The World Wide Web is all abuzz with Google Earth images of Antarctica that appear to show pyramids in the icy landscape.

The images show what appears to be three pyramids with four sides similar to the famous Giza pyramids in Egypt. Could these be authentic man-made pyramids created by an ancient civilization?

Who Made the Pyramids?

There are numerous theories about the origin of these pyramids. Some of the more controversial suggestions are that the pyramids were remnants of an earlier Atlantean civilization in Antarctica, or that they were built by extraterrestrials.

Strava app reveals Top Secret bases in Antarctica, shape of a giant “C”

Recently a number of highly classified top secret locations of US military bases have been leaked onto the net, by none other than a fitness app used by the military.

The Strava fitness app, which tracks user movements via GPS (Global Positioning Systems), has not only has revealed the exercise routines of the military but also the “places they exercise”, many of which are Top Secret.

Third Reich – Operation UFO (Nazi Base In Antarctica) Complete Documentary

The film explores the historical mysteries and rumours of a Nazi secret base in Antarctica, the 1947 flying saucer attack on Admiral Byrd’s ill-fated ‘Operation Highjump’ expedition and the occult origins of Third Reich anti-gravity engines, flying discs and ancient Atlantean technologies viewed through the lens of perhaps the three most mysterious twentieth century German organisations of all: the ‘Thule Society, ‘Vril Society’ and the ‘Ahnenerbe’

One of the core themes of the film is the alleged existence of ‘Base 211’, the legendary underground Nazi base in the Antarctica. Drawing upon the pre-war Nazi interest in Antarctica and the creation of ‘New Swabia’; the testimony of German U-Boat submarine commanders and the alleged disappearance of thousands of Nazi scientists and engineers at the end of the war, personnel that cannot be accounted for by the Vatican and Odessa ‘rat lines’ or American ‘Operation Paperclip’ activities. In addition, the film analyses the actual geo-physical possibilities of an underground base in Antarctica.

The other core theme is the alleged existence of a Nazi flying saucer program and the many evidential strands that this area generates. From the supposed channeling of extraterrestrial engineering schematics by members of the German occult group ‘Thule Society’ in the early part of the twentieth century to the ‘implosion engine’ of Viktor Schauberger and its possible appropriation by the Third Reich.

Bringing us to the the latter part of the twentieth century the documentary illustrates the many sightings of unknown crafts around the Antarctic region and the theoretical basis for polar wormholes as entrance and exit points for visiting extraterrestrial spaceships and the possible involvement of HAARP, as well as asking why nearly all American Antarctic bases seem to be populated by agents of the National Security Agency and CIA.

Like the study of any phenomena and/or  events that exist at the edges of consensus reality, occupy imaginal realms and are subject to historical revisionism; the interface of myth and reality is a shifting mosaic of fact, speculation, disinformation and fantasy, or to use the phrase of head CIA counter-intelligence spook, James Jesus Angleton, we have entered a “wilderness of mirrors”.

Certainly there are elements in the documentary that give cause for concern such as the alleged “Special Bureau 13”, the Nazi secret flying saucer research group and its similarity to the top secret government agency in the early eighties role playing game “Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic ” (though equally the RPG title could be an insider homage to this secret Nazi organisation). Likewise, there is the lack of information on the existence of the US Navy destroyer ‘Murdoch’  in the testimony recounted by pilot ‘John Sireson’ in his description of the flying saucer attack on Admiral Byrd’s fleet (testimony taken from an interview by the late pioneering American researcher Leonard Stringfield).

Equally, the testimony of Admiral Byrd that flying saucers attacked the ‘Operation Highjump’ fleet is of historical record as is his testimony to Congress of enemies that have the ability to fly “pole to pole”. Likewise, the creation of ‘New Swabia’ is as much a historical fact as the ‘impossible’ existence of the ‘Piri Reis’ map.

What sets this documentary apart from most others of its kind is the inclusion of high ranking Russian scientists and military personnel and their testimony should not be discounted.

As the great American anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory says of many elements of deep politics: “its food for thought and grounds for further research”.

It took a lot of hard work to make the translation of this documentary into English [as well as 4 more the producers were pleased we found for a Western audience]  and create the subtitles and we would like to dedicate our work to the late American researcher Wendelle Stevens who is quoted in the film, In our opinion, Wendelle, who sadly died in 2011 was one of the few genuine professional researchers in the UFO community who like Linda Moulton Howe, actually went and spoke to the subjects and witnesses and researched cases first-hand.

The Ark of Gabriel, Antarctica, Russia and the Apocalypse

A strange series of seemingly linked news stories popped up recently about something called the Ark of Gabriel. It’s referred to as “Gabriel’s Instructions To Muhammad” and is mentioned in conjunction with mass deaths in Saudi Arabia, Russian military operations, secret bases in Antarctica and, most recently, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church. What is the Ark of Gabriel and why is it suddenly in the news?

Russia Begins Transport Of Saudi Arabia’s Mysterious “Ark of Gabriel” To Antarctica

A mind-boggling report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) states that the sudden launching yesterday by Aerospace Forces (AF) of two satellites are for the protection of the Federation naval research vessel Admiral Vladimisky—which has just departed the Saudi Arabian Port of Jeddah after taking on board a mysterious object described as the “Ark of Gabriel” whose importance is deemed so vital that President Putin has further ordered naval warships guided missile cruiser Varyag, the Sovremennyy-class destroyer Bystry, Boris Chilikin-class fleet oiler Boris Butoma, and the powerful salvage tug Alatau that upon the ending of their current mission in India, they are to rendezvous with the Admiral Vladimisky in the Southern Ocean providing it protection as it sails to Antarctica.

According to this report, the unprecedented mission being undertaken by the Admiral Vladimisky research vessel began on 6 November when it departed from Kronstadt on the Federation’s first Antarctica expedition in 30 years—and described by the MoD as having such “critical military-religious” significance its cargo includes capsules with Russian soil which will be placed in the areas of military glory and burial sites of Russian sailors at selected ports of call.

To what spurred this astonishing mission, this report explains, was the contacting on 25 September of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow by representatives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, regarding a mysterious ancient “device/weapon” discovered under the Masjid al-Haram Mosque (Grand Mosque) during what has turned into a very controversial construction project begun in 2014.

Antarctica : Ark of Gabriel, Real History Uncovered

Exclusive information about the mystery in Antarctica specifically regarding the history of the enigmatic Ark of Gabriel.

4 years ago
I will tell you something I witnessed for real. There is a church in Kulubi in Ethiopia, St. Gabriel Church. This Church is one of the most prominent Churches in Ethiopia because of its miracles. Millions of people go to this Church when the feast of St. Gabriel is celebrated twice in a year. People are healed, blinds have sight, barren have children and millions get answers for their prayers from God by the intercession of St. Gabriel. I was born and raised not far from this sacred place.

    1 year ago
    it waz a jibril mosque before it was destroyed. still named Gebriel church and used for religion. thanks pete you are an biased. talking for 3 abrahamic faith that share same value in Archangel – Mecca ethiopia harar russian antartica…