Star, Indigo, Crystalline

Rudolph Steiner and the Legacy of the Star Gods

The great metaphysician Rudolf Steiner theorized that the people of our prehistory had been largely guided and directed by a higher order of beings who interacted and communicated with certain humans–the smartest, the strongest, the most intellectually flexible.

Eventually these select humans produced what might be called demigods, divine human beings, who, in turn, could relay instructions from higher intelligences.

In effect, Steiner may have given us another definition of the semi-divine progeny that the ancient Hebrews named Nephilim,” which does, in fact, mean demigod, men of “great renown.”

Steiner went on to speculate that within the larger evolving human race were the descendents of those divine-human hybrid beings, men and women who are animated by higher ideals, who regard themselves as children of a divine, universal power. It need not be overemphasized that the larger body of humankind is devoted to the service of egotism, materialism, and selfish, personal interests.

Steiner believed that within what he termed the emerging “Sixth Post-Atlantean Race” would be children of the divine universal power who would be able to initiate those men and women who have developed their faculty of thought so that they might better unite themselves with the divine.

The children of the divine universal power, those who have the “seed” within them, will be able to initiate the more advanced members of humankind. People so initiated will be able to receive revelations and perform what others will consider miracles.

The initiates will go on to become the mediators between humankind and the higher intelligences.

The whole point of the efforts of these higher intelligences is to enable humankind to become more independent, more able to stand on its own feet without having to rely on the higher order of beings that directed us in ancient times.

Rudolf Steiner was born at Krajevic, Austria-Hungary (now Yugoslavia) on February 27, 1861.

Although he had experienced encounters with the mystical and the unknown as a young child and was guided by an adept he would only refer to as the “Master,” Steiner’s early academic accomplishments were in the scientific fields.

His father had wished him to become a railway engineer, so that had led Rudolf into a study of mathematics, which seemed only to whet his appetite for the material sciences, leading him to pursue studies in medicine, chemistry, physics, as well as agriculture, architecture, art, drama, literature, and philosophy.

Fascinated by the works of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Steiner began the extensive task of editing Goethe’s scientific papers, and from 1889 to 1896 worked on this project. It was also during this period that Steiner wrote his own highly acclaimed The Philosophy of Freedom.

When he was in his late thirties (c. 1897), Steiner received a revelation of what he believed was the turning point in human spiritual history, the incarnation of the Divine Being known as the Christ.

In the twentieth century, Steiner said, humankind began to enter the “fullness of time” when the Christ principle, cosmic consciousness, might once again become manifest.

Steiner defined “Christ consciousness” as a transformative energy that greatly transcended orthodox Christianity. In Steiner’s view, Jesus became “christed” and thereby was able to present humankind with a dramatic example of what it means to achieve a complete activation of the spiritual seed within all human souls and to rise above all material considerations.

In Steiner’s Tenth Lecture on the Gospel of St. Luke, he reflects that just as a plant cannot unfold its blossom immediately after the seed has been sown, so has humankind had to progress from stage to stage until the right knowledge could be brought to maturity at the right time.

To Steiner, the Christ energy is the catalyst that germinates the seed that great Spirit Beings implanted within their human offspring.

There were, of course, the physical seeds of male and female, which intermingled to produce the whole human being. But there was also something in each human that did not arise from the blending of the two physical seeds.

There was, so to speak, a “virgin birth,” a something ineffable, Steiner says, which somehow flowed into the process of germination from quite a different source.

In 1913, Steiner set about forming his own group, the Anthroposophical Society, which he declared would be about the utilization of “human wisdom” (anthro=man; sophy=wisdom) to achieve contact with the spiritual world.

The human intellect, Steiner insisted, could be trained to rise above material concerns and to perceive a greater spiritual reality. The human consciousness had the ability to activate the seed that the great Spirit Beings had implanted within their human offspring.

Steiner emphasized that the path to such contact might best be attained by a proper application of meditation.

When human consciousness had been raised to the spiritual level where it can experience the eternal element that is limited by neither birth nor death, then it can comprehend its own eternality and its ability to be born again in subsequent life existences.

Such spiritual prophets as Steiner have foretold that humankind is now entering the “fullness” of time when the Christ principle, cosmic consciousness, can once again become manifest.

Sensitive observers of the contemporary scene have taken careful note of the fact that thousands of men and women throughout the world are being activated by a heightened state of awareness that comes to them in dreams, visions, and strange memories. These individuals are feeling the seed bringing forth new life within them and they are concerned about the spiritual needs of the human souls around them.

Spiritual history is replete with many sincere and insightful prophets and teachers who lived before Jesus, but, Steiner said, they could speak to their fellows only by using the faculties transmitted through their earthly natures. They used the energy and the wisdom of Earth.

According to Steiner, Jesus tapped into an awareness of that higher energy which comes from the realm of the Divine. He knew that a speck of this energy no larger than a mustard seed could exalt the human psyche.

He knew that even the slightest infusion of this energy into the physical seed of male and female would transform the individual into a citizen of a higher dimension of reality, the “Kingdom of God.”

And, at the same time, he taught that the doorway to enter such a wondrous kingdom lay within the heart of each sincere pilgrim who sought to join him there.

“The importance of Jesus was not that he was a human like us,” John W. White remarks, in the April 2, 1982 issue of New Attitudes, “but that we are gods like him – or at least we have the evolutionary potential to be.”

White observes that while Jesus, the man, was a historical person, the “Christ” is an eternal, transpersonal condition of being.

When we distinguish between the eternality of the “Christ consciousness” and the man Jesus, we can more completely understand the promise given in John 14:12:

“Truly, truly, I say to you. he who believes in me will also do the work that I do; and greater works than these will he do …. ”

In White’s view, Jesus was an evolutionary forerunner of the higher race that will inherit the earth, a,

” … race of people that will embody the Christ consciousness on a species-wide basis, rather than the sporadic individual basis seen earlier in history when an occasional avatar, such as Buddha or Jesus, appeared.”

White gives the name of Homo Noeticus (pertaining to higher consciousness) to the evolving form of humanity:

“Because of their deepened awareness and self-understanding, the traditionally imposed forms, controls, and institutions of society are barriers to their full development.

Their changed psychology is based on expression, not suppression, of feeling. Their motivation is cooperative and loving, not competitive and aggressive. Their sense of logic is multilevel, integrated, simultaneous; it is not linear, sequential, either-or. Their identity is sharing-collective, not isolated-individual.

Their psychic abilities are used for benevolent and ethical purposes, not harmful and immoral ones. The conventional ways of society do not satisfy them. The search for new ways of living concerns them.”

“We are not simply human beings,” White tells us, “we are also human becomings, standing between two worlds, two ages. Each of us has the latent ability to take conscious control of our evolution and thereby become members of the New Humanity… Jesus did not say that the highest state of consciousness was his alone for all time.

Rather, he called us to follow him, from his example.”

Numerous mystics and seers, quite apart from the Christian tradition, have noted that there appears to have been some dispensation of cosmic energy that occurred at the time when Jesus was seeking to raise awareness.

Some believe that when he preached about a new way that had come from his Father’s Kingdom and which had blended with the feminine principle of the Holy Ghost, he was talking about a literal transmission of energy being broadcast to Earth from some higher realm.

Pentecost, those metaphysicians will say, was a powerful demonstration of that energy.

The apostles were so glowing with the cosmic energy that they appeared to be on fire to those who witnessed the absorption of the Christ principle into their physical bodies.

Perhaps something truly was added to the energy of the Earth Mother at that time – call it the Holy Spirit for lack of a better term – and hundreds of thousands of men and women are being activated by that same cosmic energy today as it is received in their dreams, visions, and memories.

All over the planet, contemporary citizens of Earth are having their individual Pentecosts, as the seed within them, their spiritual legacy from beyond the stars is being brought to fruition.

Futurist Theodore J. Gordon has commented:

“In considering the future of religion, it is appropriate to ask what the unknown might yield in the next few decades that would have relevance to man’ s view of his relationship to the cosmos.

A major event… would be the discovery of extraterrestrial life wherein we would become members of a community of life, participants in a drama bigger than we could have dreamed.”


“These children often have a double handful of psychic skills, such as: telepathy (mental communication), precognition (knowing the future), telekinesis (moving objects by mental concentration), clairvoyance/remote viewing (mentally seeing things distant in space or time), “downloading” information (from off-planet consciousnesses), cross-species communication, penetrating intuitiveness (just “knowing” something without being told), affecting electrical devices (e.g., devices turn on or blow out as the kid goes by), remote-influencing others (telepathically), inter-dimensional viewing, aura-reading (learning about another’s health, intentions, etc. by observing the energy field surrounding them), psychic diagnosis (“reading” the person’s energyfield fluctuations), psychic or bioenergetic healing (transferring helpful energy to a person), invisibility work (making oneself “invisible” (mentally), teleportation (moving self or object from one locale to another by mental effort), levitation (risingfrom the ground by mental effort), mental influencing (telepathically causing another to “feel” like doing something the Star Kid wants) , earth energy adjustment work, time dilation or contraction (causing events, trips, etc. to take longer or shorter time than ordinary), pre-sensitivity to earthquakes or human disasters (like car crashes), interdimensional awareness, astral (out-of-body) travel, channeling (serving as a conduit for a person not present to speak through), shared consciousness (with a StarVisitor guide), operating in close mental connection with their Star Visitor guides, and physically summoning and connecting with one’s Star-Visitor and other guardians.

These children carry in their bodies physical changes that they sometimes recognize, and which often are noticed by other people who are around them. Such physical changes often include: immunity improvement (most Star Kids have hardly any flus or bad colds after early childhood), and lower basal temperature (for example, instead of 98.6degrees F, a body temperature of 96.8 F, thus meaning that the body is consumed less rapidly by metabolic forces.) These kids are also notable for their knowing gaze, mature outlook, and appealing dynamic appearance (the Star Kid look), while they most often turn out later in life to be looking younger than their years (as adult Star Seeds).

These Star Kids are not just psi-savants; they recognize the importance of spiritual connection to Supreme Source in reverent consciousness. They also share spiritual insights, and are drawn to explore the connections between the physical (e.g., quartz crystal), the metaphysical (e.g., thought energy), and the spiritual (e.g., creating and transmitting through crystal amplification the intention that good happen to a person who needs help.). They reverence and utilize spiritual prayer, and respect the underlying spiritual truth in the ceremonies of various cultures.

They most often are imbued with an almost missionary zeal to make people wake up to their highest and best potential. These Star Kids also want to change the world for the better, whether by working for peace, by spreading compassion and kind deeds, by working to heal the Earth’s pollution injuries, or telling people about the larger family we have out among the stars.

These are some of the ways in which a Star Kid may be recognized.

As noted earlier, not every Star Kid (or Star Seed adult, for that matter) is aware that of their special starseed origin. These are the unawakened ones, the ones I call “the Latents”. They are aware that they are different from other people in a number of persistent and profound ways. But they may not understand why. Or they may have only a hazy sense of their true nature. “

“Current ordinary schools certainly are not designed for the Star Kid, whose way of learning is more “matrix”, and not so linear. Star Kids acquire (input) information matrix-style; they process information matrix-style; and they express/share/output information matrix-style.

“Matrix” here means handling experience, life, data, and information in ways which are non-linear, multi-modal, cross-disciplinary, parallel-processing on two, three or more tracks. Let me give some examples.

Samantha, a seventh-grade student, has an assignment to write a short report about the witches in old England. Samantha may get calm and meditative and then use her intuition to get a “feel” for what it was like to be a witch in medieval England. She may then remote-view an English village that was known for its persecution of witches. She might then go to the library and get a book on witches, or go to the Internet, or consult an encyclopedia. And she might look in the Yellow Pages and call up a modern witch and ask her what she thinks. Samantha might then put all these inputs into her mental “cauldron”, so to speak, and stir vigorously, and see what comes up for her report. What Samantha is doing is a tame example of matrix-style information input acquiring

Let’s follow Samantha into the information-processing part of how she handles information. She is now assembling her report. She does not write it like most kids: lining up some historical facts and a quotation or two, and then writing a conclusion. No, Samantha may well start with the report’s conclusion. And she might base that conclusion on the “feeling” she got from the class textbook section on witches, and combine that with what she learned from remote-viewing that persecutory medieval English village.

Samantha might then go to the beginning of her report, and start out with what the modern witch she talked to had to say about being a witch, and the prejudice one has to endure even today. She might even recast her report from being about not-so-Merry Olde England to instead tell about the continuity of persecution of Wicca practitioners, natural herbalists and psychics from medieval times to the present.

Samantha might use some magickal numerology to assign numbers to her report not in sequence (1, 2, 3, etc.), but based on how the power which the numbers selected exert so as to weave a spell around the report, and turn the very report into a magickal instrument.

In the body of her report Samantha might combine: 1) quotations from historical accounts contemporary with the time of the witch-burnings, with 2) a medieval witch spell for protection against one’s enemies, with 3) an Anglican minister’s sermon against witchcraft, with 4) a cross-comparative account of the Salem witch trials in America, with 5) a page or two from Samantha’s own diary from the days when she dabbled in Wicca magick. Samantha might then stir all these ingredients, add a pinch of wit, a dash of sardonic commentary, add a heartfelt poem about being the misunderstood outsider with special powers which ordinary people fear, envy and reject; and serve bonfire-hot to her teacher and the class in an oral report (in crone costume).

Let’s take a different Star Kid to show how they express/share/output information matrix-style.

Jorge, nine years old, is assigned by his Cub Scoutmaster to tell the newer Cob Scouts about how you follow a trail in the woods.

Jorge might start by stating the basic conventional principles of staying on the trail, picking the better-traveled path if the trail forks in two, reading rock cairns as signposts of the direction the trail proceeds, using a compass, etc.

But then Jorge might also talk about methods not so conventional, like using a pendulum or dowsing rods to determine which fork in the trail to take when the correct fork is not marked. He might also talk about using hunches (intuition) to tell which is the right way to go. If he got impassioned about his presentation, he might diverge from the assigned topic to talk about how to make yourself “invisible” if you come upon a bear, or using telepathy to tell the bear that you mean no harm. If he momentarily forgets the limitations of some of his audience, he might talk about the time he was late on a hike and “shoved time together” (time compression), so that he arrived at his destination at trail’s end on time.

Are Star Kids doomed to be pigeon-holed as “Geeks”? It might seem so, except for this one fact. They are rapidly becoming the majority. Actually, numerically, Star Kids are already the majority in the juvenile population. But many of the Star Kids are “Latents”, because society does not recognize and provide ready identification for them, or because they have not yet woken up to their full potential, or because they are cowering “in the closet”, trying desperately to pretend to be “normal”, to fit in unobtrusively, and be socially accepted,. So, therefore, at this moment the out-in-the-open Star Kids are still a minority, and subject to being ostracized and labeled “Geeks”. But the Star Kid Tidal Wave just keeps on mounting. And more and more, awareness is starting to spread through the larger community that these special kids exist in sizeable numbers, and are to be prized for their ways and their future contributions to society.

Today’s Star Kids are a major Transitional Generation. This is the Generation that will participate in the shift of society from a predominantly old-Normal majority to a predominantly Star Kid majority, as more and more Star Kids come in, and as more and more Star Kid “Latents” already here “wake up”.”

-Richard J. Boylan. “Star Kids”. Page 35

“He then began a new career, his Earth mission, teaching people about the true nature of God, about real spirituality, and of the real place people have in an intelligent, compassionate and spiritual world. He was also a strong voice of witness gainst the corrupt institutions of his day. In Israel the most prominent such corrupt institution was the semi-theocracy of the Jewish priests. Israel was so solidly a religious state that even the Roman occupation government knew enough to leave in place the religious hierarchy as a kind of second-tier political power. The Temple priests had turned religion into a money-making enterprise, (hardly the first such aberration in history.)

Jesus not only taught a basic set of compelling spiritual and moral principles, but he railed publicly against the corrupt institutions which sought to interpose themselves between the common people and God.

Like other Avatars (teachers whose ideas were turned into the great world religions), Jesus was sent to try to bring the confused and misled common people back to a simple core of spiritual understandings and moral behavior. In so doing, he also challenged the Judaic practice of the time, and was seen as a reformer of Judaism by his followers, but a dangerous heretic if not infidel by the Jewish religious authorities of the time.

Like other reformers going up against corrupt human ins
titutions, this Pleiadean Star Man paid the price. Scorned by political leaders, reviled by the theocracy who trumped up charges against him and turned him over to the occupying government as a “threat to national security”, Jesus experienced what would look like to some people to be mission failure. He was falsely indicted, “convicted”, abused while in custody, and summarily executed. Yet it is the power of the nature of the goodness and truth he taught that the teachings he brought not only survived his death, but spread across the world and still powerfully influence millions of people today.

The presence, personality and character of Jesus drew people to him in a way somewhat reminiscent of the attractive pull many people feel towards Star Kids and Star Seeds. And Star Man Yeshua used various of his advanced powers to help people, and also to provide corroborative support for the truth and goodness of his teachings.

His psychic diagnosis and psychic healing of the naked, howling, self-mutilating psychotic from the region of the Gerasenes astounded and impressed people (Luke 8: 26-39).His using psychic energy to calm a storm in the Dead Sea that almost swamped the boat he was in amazed his disciples (Luke 8: 22-25). His transmuting jugs of water into wine at a wedding reception in Cana caused people to marvel (John 2; 1-11). And his use of psychic power to bring back to life a recently-deceased man, Lazarus made people wonder if there was any limit to what he could do (John 11:1-44).

Yet, psychic modification of weather, psychic diagnosis and healing, transmuting of material objects, and bringing dying or dead plants, animals and persons back to life are things which Star Kids (and Star Seed adults) also do. Jesus’s preeminent role as a worker of what seem like “miracles” is not diminished by the reality that those whose development has reached an advanced level can also facilitate many of these works of wonder. Yeshua himself noted that anyone who believes will be able to do the same works of wonder as he did, nay, ven greater works (John 14: 12).

Jesus’s own resurrection from the dead and reappearing among his astounded followers was facilitated by the restoration work his fellow Pleiadeans did on him. They did not abandon their own in his sojourn up on Earth. One of these luminous Pleiadean angeloi stood by Jesus’s empty tomb, and told those who had come to mourn that he was no longer dead. And Yeshua’s departure from among his followers and ascension towards the heavens provided an important final lesson on the persistence of the person after death, and the reality of reincarnation.

And when the figure known as Jesus returns, with his Star Visitor colleagues in the near future, many will be surprised, not that he returned, but to discover how badly their churches have distorted over time his actual nature and teachings.

I have gone on at length to examine the life of Jesus from a Star Visitor and Star Seed perspective because Christianity is a globally widespread religion. And because existing misunderstandings and distortions about Jesus have conveyed the impression that he is God, or that his relationship to Supreme Source is unique in the universe. While Jesus’s relationship with God and spiritual development were more advanced than anyone else’s on Earth at that time, the relationship and development are not necessarily more advanced than any other conscious intelligent being in the universe, nor than those of some of the Avatars who followed him.”

-Richard J. Boylan. “Star Kids”. Page 75

While the theoretical possibility of “evil aliens” may be postulated, in fact those civilizations which have evolved far enough to have both the inclination and the surplus resources to reach out into space to nurture fledgling planets are not marauders. The coalition of civilizations making gradually-open contact with Earth have rightly been called since ancient times “The Watchers”. These “Watchers” are prepared to filter out any (theoretical) marauders who might decide to drop by this blue planet.

This overview of the visiting cultures as well-intentioned is derived from innumerable Star Visitor communications to experiencers, and from ancient oral traditions, tribal experiences, and indigenous leaders’ statements about their knowledge of the Star Nations. It is additionally supported by Dr. Michael Wolf, an insider in one of the U.S. government’s unacknowledged units within National Security Council, the Special Studies Group, (formerly known as “MJ-12″), by Lt. Colonel Phillip Corso, US Army, who had contact with a Star Visitor at Holloman Air Force Base, by John Mack, M.D., Harvard Psychiatry Professor and Star Visitor-encounters researcher-therapist, and by Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., University of Wyoming emeritus Professor, psychologist, and close-encounters researcher, among many others.

As to whether the Star Visitors will “save the day” as regards Earth’s ecological crises or the coming cataclysms know as Earth Changes, such projecting of responsibility onto the Star Visitors is unworthy of us and unfair to them. The Visitors tell us that it is up to us to save our own day (and planet). They will help to the extent they can without taking over our proper
responsibility for our own planet, but only if asked, (and not shot at.)

My analysis, and that of Drs. John Mack, R. Leo Sprinkle, Edith Fiore, Rauni Kilde, Gilda Moura, Ruth Hover, et al., is based on Star Visitor behavior over time. We have worked with multi-generation experiencer families, whose combined experience stretches back nearly a century. “Actions speak louder than words.” The antidote to defamatory anti-Visitor propaganda is open and accurate information about our own history of contact with these beings.

The Star Visitors’ messages contain warnings for us of dangers we are presenting to ourselves by our ecological, military, social, and economic behaviors. They provide us with important and useful information for advancing our society and ourselves mentally and spiritually. The Visitors are preparing us (via messages relayed through select human experiencers) to socially accept the reality of extraterrestrial contact, and are readying us for joining the larger community of inhabited worlds.

-Richard J. Boylan. “Star Kids”. Page 107

“Children who see themselves as too old for Pokemon games have another fantasy card game and movie world, Yu-Gi-Oh!, which is also populated with fantasy creatures, some of whom also have psychic powers.

Grown-ups have their own cinematic fantasy worlds whose heroes and villains are endowed with remarkable paranormal powers. The three Matrix movies, the two X-Men movies, and the several Harry Potter books and movies seem like Hollywood-ized versions of the somewhat quieter and less extreme lives of many Star Kids and adult Star Seeds.

To properly ask the question as to whether Star Kids are normal, one has also to reflect on the fact that through books, games and movies, today’s contemporary world is slowly closing the cultural gap between the conventional world, assumed and taught in schools, and the paranormal world of Star Kids. True, the gap-closing books, games and movies are labeled “fiction” and “fantasy”. But the wild success of this genre does not so much, in my view, bespeak a massive epidemic of flight from reality on the part of the public, as rather a combination of the public’s subconscious recognition of Star Kids’ (and Star Seeds’) abilities abounding among us, and of the plentiful Star Kids’ eager identification with heroes who are like themselves.

Today’s Harry Potters and Hermione Grangers do not wear sorcerer robes and pointed hats, but their abilities are often as varied as J.K. Rowland’s characters.

And many a teenage Star Kid has identified with the Matrix central character, Neo’s gradual path of self-discovery. And such Star Teens, either through trial and error, or by becoming aware of the Star Kids Project information, come to own and accept themselves as “The One” who operates outside the illusions and deceptions of Fourth World society, and whose mission is to liberate others to break free and help create Fifth World Star Kid/Star Seed society. Many of the Star Kids and their parents, who clamor for me to find the resources to open a Star Kids School in their area, relate to the uncanny X-Men: 2 movie, and its wonderful School for Gifted Youngster headed by Professor Charles Xavier. Talk about Art (the movie) imitating Life (the Star Kids phenomenon)!”

-Richard J. Boylan. “Star Kids”. Page 123

“The Star Kids you meet in this chapter are out of the closet. They are joyous about being a Star Kid, and about being accepted as one.

Caitlinis a quiet, intellectual, comely, brunette eight-year-old who is short for her age. She has a hearing impairment. She lives with her mother, her older brother, and her mom’s boyfriend. Her parents are divorced. Caitlin’s mother is psychic, and is also a devotee of Hindu spirituality, and has studied with Sai Baba.

Caitlin has had Star Visitor contact since she was very young. She reported to her mother that almost nightly she has been taken aboard a star craft, where she joined with other children in participating in a school conducted by the Star Visitors. Caitlin learned many things there, including being shown actual scenes from history as History lessons. As a result of this advanced pedagogy, Caitlin has experienced some problems at school when the teacher talks about an incident in history, and Caitlin raises her hand and contradicts the teacher, saying, “No, that’s not what happened. Here is how it happened.”

Over her eight years Caitlin has displayed various psychic abilities, including mental telepathy, clairvoyance (future sight), and levitation. Caitlin and her older brother exchange telepathic messages at home. Caitlin also does this with her mother.

When I first met Caitlin, she did not need a formal introduction, but walked right up to me and gave me a big hug. Her mother explained to me Caitlin’s sign-language message that she already knew me before I stepped through the door.

Caitlin can get so absorbed in meditation that she levitates off the floor.

She is usually very shy around strangers, but she has a ready empathic engagement with Star Seed adults.

There has been a struggle around the school district’s placing Caitlin into a Special Education class for the Handicapped, because she does not relate to the other kids in that class, who have to exert themselves to master their subjects, while Caitlin finds it quite easy. She also misses the social life with her peers, and hopes that an operation to correct her hearing disorder can take place. Then she could be mainstreamed with her age mates and have a more normal schoolchild life.

Her mother has taught Caitlin to be careful about not overtly displaying her psychic abilities where she could get unwelcome attention. Already her mother has observed clandestine surveillance of her house, and has seen white vans go by repeatedly that she feels may be from the government. She does not want her daughter to receive any more undue attention from the authorities.

Nevertheless, life is cheerful around Caitlin’s house, and sheremains a bright, cheery, appealing young lady, who is hopeful about her future.

Luke is a very bright, pleasant, poised blond 13-year-old boy with a cherubic expression. He is sociable, but mainly with other Star Kids. Otherwise, he is a book worm. His favorite way to spend time is curled up with a book., unless there is some kid activity actually going on at the moment. Luke does extremely well in school.

Luke is at an age where he is making the transition from childhood to adulthood. While he loves his mother, he has drawn very close to his father. He loves accompanying his father on camping and hiking trips, and clearly is honing his sense of male identity.

Luke has recently become aware of being a Star Kid. While he has previously had informal and unstructured psychic experiences, such as mental telepathy or seeing other people’s auras, he now is athirst with desire to learn about all of the various psychic abilities. He wants to acquire mastery of as many as possible. Luke was fascinated, for example, when I described to him how another young man I had worked with had achieved success with telekinetically moving a toothpick which was just floating in a glass of water. Luke could not wait to get home to try this feat out for himself.

Luke is a speed reader, although he has never been trained formally to do so. He devoured a book I gave him in less than a day, although he was also occupied with other activities that day as well.

I see Luke as sort of a latter-day Harry Potter. He would have been quite comfortable in the Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Luke strikes me as the kind of Star Kid who will not rest until he gets good at all the psychic abilities. He is a perfectionist, and it simply will not do to have some psychic power “just happen” spontaneously, with his having no control over it. No, Luke is bent of being able to do a very wide range of what some consider wizard tricks. If determination is any measure, I suspect that Luke will end up making Harry Potter look like a beginner.

Samanthais a sharp but shy and insecure, highly sensitive Star Kid teenager with hair the color of amber honey. This pretty 16-year-old high school junior has the petite, lithe body of a pixie. She lives with her mother, a widow who is disabled. Her older brother has left home, and only returns occasionally to visit.

Samantha has had a difficult time in school, but not because of the difficulty of the subject matter. She is a quick study, and understands new material very fast if it is presented clearly. Because she lives in a low-income rural community, the teachers at her school are often not very good. This has presented a challenge for Samantha, and also for her mother. Samantha tended to lose interest in a class where the presentation was mushy, and geared to the slower learners in the class. As a result, Samantha tuned out, got assigned low grades, and wanted to drop out.

In her junior-high years, Samantha experienced the typical decline in interest in academics, and increased attention to social life, girl chum relationships, and parties. As is the case in other poor remote communities where the young people complain that there is nothing to do, these parties tended to be surreptitious, held at the home of a child whose parents were not home, and involved alcohol and sometimes drugs.

Samantha was not boy-crazy in junior high, and observed the shallow, exploitative and cruel relationships that her girl chums were involved in with detachment and disinterest. She had no interest in being cheated on and dumped like too many of her friends had been.

High school turned out not to be any improvement, due to the same factors that had plagued her junior-high years.

Out of a sense of frustration, her mother then tried home-schooling. But this brought its own set of problems, because the materials provided by the school district use approaches and concepts, for example in mathematics and social studies, which are different than those with which the mother is acquainted with. As a result, the mother has had difficulty being effective as a home teacher with the instructional materials the school district has provided. Another problem with the home schooling strategy is that Samantha missed the social interaction with the other school kids her age.

Finally her mother hit upon a solution which seems to be working. Samantha is now enrolled in a correspondence-course, self-tutorial form of home study. These correspondence courses are individually paced and feature clear, self-explanatory didactic workbooks. A student like Samantha takes one course at a time, completes and mails in the assignments, gets graded, and when passed, is promoted to the next subject. These distance-learning correspondence course materials do not assume a previous solid foundation in these subjects. Samantha is like many young people who have been let down by schools and teachers who are no match for these new kids and their learning styles. These materials start with foundations missed in earlier grades, and rapidly accelerate through the workbook in stages to college-prep levels of presentation. Thus, apt students like Samantha (and so many other Star Kids in similar circumstances) can fill in the gaps in foundational learning, and rapidly accelerate to the upper levels of secondary education.

It may come as a surprise to some outsiders, but being a Star Kid is not necessarily self-evident. Samantha remembers having had contact by the Star Visitors since she was four. And she was having telepathic mental exchanges with her brother and mother as far back as first grade.

As well as she can remember, she has been able to consciously look into the future and foresee things which later on come true. For example, she looked at a girl who is currently at that time her best friend, and foresaw that the friend was going to go downhill and get messed up on drugs and self-degrading promiscuity, and that Samantha would no longer have her as a friend.

Samantha has been generally able to intuit and clairvoyantly size people up, as well as know whether they are telling the truth, since fifth grade.

Since she was eight years old she has exercised healing and “balancing” powers with people, plants and animals. With people she says modestly that it is not so much that she heals them as that she balances what has gotten off-kilter within them, and that it is that re-balancing which is what helps people heal.

Samantha has been assisted in recognizing and cultivating these and other psychic abilities by the guidance of her psychic mother. Her mother’s friend, a hypnotherapist and psychic healer and remote viewer, also provides tips and encouragement. Both these women are Star Seeds themselves.

Samantha has had another struggle which many Star Kid young people can identify with -drugs. Like too many poor rural communities in America, her home area has an epidemic methamphetamine (“speed”) problem, and a pervasive drug culture throughout the community. Because of the area’s remoteness, poverty and lack of resources, especially for youth, most kids have succumbed to the lure of very frequent partying, with one or more drugs and alcohol in use. Samantha has not been an exception to partying, but she has maintained enough perspective to avoid the more destructive “speed” and “downer” kinds of drugs.

Since sixth grade she has been smoking pot (cannabis). For a whileshe developed such a self-described addiction that if she were deprived of marijuana for day, she would become irritable and prone to emotional outbursts.

It has not been helpful that her older brother has become severely involved in drugs, “graduating”from cannabis to opioid downers to methamphetamine. The brother has severe Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which was never diagnosed nor treated by the cash-strapped school district. And in all fairness, it may well be true for him, as for so many young people, that his drug use may represent a naive attempt at self-medication of his neurological condition.

Samantha has had some of her psychic experiences while intoxicated on cannabis. This has served as a temptation to her to rationalize using consciousness-altering drugs as tools to achieve psychic experiences. She “progressed” from marijuana to psychedelic mushrooms, and finds it tempting to also experiment with acid (LSD).

Parenthetically, the fact that certain psychedelic drugs can seemingly induce or amplify psychic experiences presents a quandary to Star Kids and their parents. If psychedelic drugs were merely amplifiers of psychic powers, there might be less unfavorable things to be said about them. But even then, using psychedelics to achieve a psychic experience has several down-sides. For one, the psychic experience is usually spontaneous, and is not elicited nor controlled by the youngster. Second, using psychedelics this way breeds laziness in the young psychic Star Kid, who is thus given a rationale for not disciplining herself so as to be able to deliberately exercise her ability under her conscious control and direction. And other down-sides also exist. Psychedelics can “addict” the user to laying aside significant portions of daily life to instead tune into the drug-induced circus going on insider her head. It can also give the undisciplined user an excuse to drop out of important daily activities and spend an inordinate amount of time in interior recreation, thus causing an imbalance in the Star Kid’s life. Another down-side is the risk of unintentionally taking an overdose, since reliable information about safe and effective dose for a given age and body weight is not generally available publicly. Still other down-sides include: experiencing a toxic reaction to the substance, having an accident, even a fatal one, while attempting to operate a car while under the influence, having the drug precipitate a mental disorder (in a susceptible person), having a stroke due to a sudden rise in blood pressure, etc.

Samantha says that she has gotten beyond the addictive use of marijuana in her life, although she will occasionally indulge in an infrequent joint. She says that she gained insight on
her own that the addictive use of cannabis was a disorder in her life. She rationalizes her occasional use nowadays for its “stress-reducing” tranquilizing effect, or when she especially wants to have a psychic experience. When I challenged her that she could have psychic experiences without pot,she says that she knows that, but “it’s easier that way.”

Star Kids are neither all saints nor all sinners, but rather struggling kids in a limited Fourth World culture, in a number of ways not unlike their ordinary human age mates.

Samantha has shown some Star Kid qualities of compassion and concern for others, even when immersed in her local area’s culture of drugs. Samantha has reached out to other teens she knows and tried to get them off drugs, especially the more hazardous drugs such as methamphetamine and phencycladine (PCP).

Samantha has participated in Star Kid Project events and has talked in public about being a Star Kid. Several psychics spoke to me and identified her as destined to be a leader in the emerging Fifth World society as she grows up. Samantha herself is somewhat aware of her leadership qualities. After completing high school studies, she plans to attend a metaphysical college and get a degree as a metaphysical practitioner and teacher. She thus will be in a better position to help others understand and use well their psychic and other advanced abilities in the dawning Fifth World society”

-Richard J. Boylan. “Star Kids”. Page 139

“Now to get down to some specifics of parenting your Star Kids.

One task of the parent of a Star Kid is to inform yourself about the various characteristics and gifts of Star Kids. Some special abilities are hard to miss -like telekinesis or levitation. Others are more subtle. The point of a parent knowing the various potential abilities Star Kids may have is to be aware when your Star Kid begins to manifest such an ability. Realize, however, that each Star Kid will not manifest all the special abilities. And it is certainly to be avoided to be a Star Kid “Stage Mother”, trying to push your child into displaying abilities which they may not have, or may not have developed yet.

Another task of a Star Kid parent is to get clear about whether you yourself are a Star Seed adult. Mind you, it is not necessary that you be a Star Seed adult in order to rear a Star Kid properly. But it is quite helpful to be quite clear about whether you are a Star Seed or not. If you are great! Then you have insider insight into the special world your Star Kid must navigate. Your gifts will enable you to better educate your Star Kid in the exercise of his or her abilities. And, you will serve as a role model to your Star Kid.

If you are not an adult Star Seed, you can still do a fine job of parenting your Star Kid. What they need the most from you, you can give anyway: acceptance, understanding, encouragement, protective watchfulness, and readiness to grow and learn along with them.

As a parent one of the things you can give your Star Kid is something which every parent should give their child, but which too many parents do not. The reality of the metaphysical and psychic realms is an important insight for your child. If he or she is a Star Kid, it is especially important that they have validation from you about these realms, particularly since the dominant culture tends to question or ridicule these areas of reality – areas in which your child will have important life experiences.

It should go without saying that the parent of a Star Kid needs to endorse the reality of Star Visitor contacts which a child may have. And a parent needs to provide reassurance, especially to a small child, about Star Visitor contacts. The very young ones may misunderstand Star Visitor bedroom visits as “ghosts” or “goblins”, etc. You as a parent can help the child accept the Visitors calmly and matter-of-factly, perhaps by saying something along the lines of: “Some children are fortunate enough to have special Visitors from the stars at night.” Thus, you can help our child look forward to these encounters as interesting and helpful.

It is decidedly unhelpful to try to dissemble genuine Star Visitor contacts as “the tooth fairy” or “just a dream”. Star Kids need to learn early that a good percentage of the productive time they spend is not only during waking hours, but also during the night when it seems that they are just sleeping. Out-of-body experiences, nighttime encounters, and downloading of important information into the child’s mind during rest are only some of the significant activities which can take place at night.

A parent needs also not to underestimate their Star Kid. With some Star Kids this may seem hard to do. Certain Star Kids are so dazzling in their psychic abilities that underestimating them never comes to a parent’s mind. But other parents may find their Star Kid low-keyed about any abilities they have, and shy or reluctant to share what they can do.

” A proper parental attitude is to be open and alert to indications about your child’s abilities, but not pushy or invasive or inquisitorial about what the child can do. If your Star Kid is secure and snug in their relationship with you the parent, they will let you know what they can do in the proper time. The child’s own appropriate pride and desire to share will work their usual magic.

A great help you can give your Star Kid is to expose them to other Star Kids. There is an intrinsic comraderie that animates Star Kids who have an opportunity to meet and mingle with each other. Star Kids benefit greatly from meeting other Star Kids, hearing from them, and seeing them in action. Star Kids form mutual role models for each other.”

-Richard J. Boylan. “Star Kids”. Page 152

“When the Star Visitors return, many of the population will interpret the luminous humanoid (Pleiadean, Altairean, etc.) Visitors as angels or saints. Further, at a certain point in the foreseeable future, the individuals that have been historically know as Jesus and Mother Mary will return also, along with others also known on Earth as Great Teacher avatars.

The churches will have a lot of explaining to do, when supposedly divine or saint figures descend from the sky and step out of starcraft. At that point, the churches’ distortion of original messages will become obvious. The Visitors are working with religious leaders to educate and prepare their peoples for this return. But, like the leaders of the civic governments, church leaders generally are too timid to make public declarations to their congregants in the current government-sanctioned climate of cover-up and ridicule.

Religious leaders whom the Star Visitors are working with include those of major faiths, and of indigenous spiritualities around the world. The Visitors feel that the religious traditions of love-one’s-neighbor are basically helpful, and will provide the proper context for the people’s experiencing the mass public return of the Star Visitors, their celestial neighbors. .

When all of this information emerges into public consciousness, the people will have a proper mental context for processing large-scale Star Visitor contact. And will have a basis for understanding that public contact is not just be an exercise in interstellar anthropology, but a family reunion.

We do indeed live in interesting times.”

-Richard J. Boylan. “Star Kids”. Page 188

Psychotronics – Mental Influencing As Weapons System

“While I am sparing in endorsing books in the UFO field, I make an exception for a credible and a definitive work on the difficult topic of mind control. The Mind Controllers, by British researcher Dr. Armen Victorian, (1999) nails the topic.

Victorian details the Cold War in mind control as starting from when the West woke up and discovered that the USSR and Soviet satellite states were far advanced in psychic and psychotronic capabilities, and that these had military and intelligence applications and implications.

He goes on to cover areas such as: the unethical experimentation like the CIA’s notorious MKULTRA experiments on unwitting civilians, the “arms race” in remote viewing, electronic implants to control thinking and emotions, misuse of hypnosis to plant “Manchurian Candidate” like commands for later triggering by remote telepathic or microwave signals, and transmission of spoken words or thoughts by electronic signal directly inside the heads/minds of unaware victims.

Victorian describes the major involvement of U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command Colonel John Alexander and other “Aviary” figures in the “diabolical” development and deployment of so-called “non-lethal weapons”. Such weapons include high-powered microwaves for “behavior modification” and Very Low Frequency (VLF) acoustic weapons to disable body functions. These weapons systems are used secretly, and covered up by these mind controllers having their operatives go on the Internet to mock and debunk victims’ genuine complaints as the “crazy ravings” of “wavies”.

Star Kids may feel that they have the necessary psychic abilities to detect and to defeat such mind-control efforts. But it cannot but help to know the kinds of mental and psychic tricks that those who make themselves adversaries to Star Kids are willing to use. Furthermore, knowing the range of psychotronic devices out there can enable the astute Star Kid to think about what kinds of counter-measures she would undertake, if she found herself bombarded by one of these device’s energy emissions.

The Mind Controllers is a book that will become a classic. And it could serve as “Exhibit A” in the future trials of the domestic psy-war and psi-war criminals who have misused “National Security” cloaking to prey upon innocent civilians, using them as guinea pigs for perfecting their program of world domination through psychotronic control.

It may well be that certain Star Kids and their adult counterparts may feel a calling to form groups to do psychic detection (through remote viewing) and interdiction (through telepathic mental influencing) of these perpetrators as the need arises.”

-Richard J. Boylan. “Star Kids”. Page 189

NSA Hybrid Hunts And NASA “Space Kids” Schools

“In the 1950s I was a student within one of the most sheltered private high schools in the western United States, an ultraconservative Catholic seminary. Yet even in this isolated womb of non-worldly reactionary existence, we did not escape the tentacles of the National Security Agency (NSA) planners.

These NSA types were aware that already the Star Visitors in contact with Earth had facilitated the emergence of the first small crop of Star Kids, and were determined to find out who they were, to track them, and selectively to recruit some of them to come work for government.

One of their identification tools was the Tachistiscope, a seemingly harmless enough device. Its function was to subject students to challenges of reading large paragraphs of text in a few seconds and to retain enough of what was read to correctly answer questions about the paragraphs. This was presented to us naive high school students as a “fun exercise” that “could even speed up your reading with comprehension.” Who could argue with that? As American as the Red, White and Blue.

It was never explained how a half-hour exposure to Tachistiscope speed-reading exercises would permanently increase our reading speed. Of course it would not. That was just the “cover story”.

I remember in my college-prep high school around 1954 being tested with my class on a tachtistiscope, a machine which flashed paragraphs of text, one by one, to be read each in varying minute amounts of time, eventually down to a second or two. We were measured in how fast we could read and retain the basic core content of the paragraphs on the screen.

Then, suddenly, after several days, the machine was no longer around and never mentioned again. No feedback was ever given us of how well we did.

I have asked around and gotten back responses from other people who were young students in those days, and remember well being subjected to these hit-and-run tachistiscope drills as well. I do not hear about those machines in schools now, although “speedreading”courses, possibly inspired by that tachistiscope era, continue today.

I evaluate this quiet nationwide program in the context of NSC scientist Dr. Michael Wolf telling me about his having been spotted as a super-genius child around that time. Plainclothes agents from “the government” (the only identification naive citizens expected in those days) came to his parents, praised young Michael’s remarkable achievements, (which included developing and using his own space-signaling device), and offered his parents an amount of money they couldn’t refuse in exchange for letting the agents take Michael off to be educated and trained, all expenses paid, by “the U.S. Government”.

(The agents failed to mention to the parents that Michael would be expected to reciprocate for his fabulous education, which included an MD in Neurology, a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, a ScD in Computer Science, a JD in Law, an M.S. in Organic Chemistry (electro-magnetic influence on organisms), and a B.S. in Biology (biogenetics), by spending his life working in classified underground laboratories, where he worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Star Visitor scientists.)

This is a benign version of how these government wunderkind “scholarships” go. In other instances, Cabal operatives have either bribed or seduced brilliant young adult Star Seed persons right out of college, or instead of going to college, or out of the military, and gotten them to come work for institutes which are actually doing work for the Cabal.

The above is set forth not to frighten the stuffing out of parents of Star Kids, but to provide a cautionary tale about some of the pitfalls which exist, and which constitute another element of the geopolitical context in which Star Kids are expected to function.”

-Richard J. Boylan. “Star Kids”. The Geopolitical Context In Which Star Kids Must Function. Chapter 15.

Some Precautions And Protections For Star Kids

“Explain to your children why their safety is more important than being polite. Clamming up when some nosy adult is trying to check out if the scuttlebutt on the Star Kid is true, that they can see into the future, may seem impolite, but it is better than the child’s becoming the object of malicious neighborhood gossip, or of unwelcome para-governmental surveillance. If another child begs or dares the Star Kid to do a psychic trick in public, it is not being impolite to protect your right to privacy and say you’re not that much different than anybody else, and change the subject.

Another protective measure a parent can do is to be aware of an adult who is paying too much attention to your children. The adult may just be curious and nosy. Or they could be interested in how they might exploit the child. Or they might even be looking for such exceptional children, either as an outreach agent for some agency, or private research group, or even a dark metaphysical society which needs such energy for its rituals. Or they could be scouting out the child for a kidnapping or a child molestation. Most adults pay only brief and fleeting attention to a child. If the adult is unusually fixated on the Star Kid, there is a reason, and the parent needs to find out what it is. And promptly. “

Crystalline Children

It is that on this occasion we wish to speak to you of the children. It is that for many years of your earth time, your children have been arriving with the gifts as it was in the Beginning. These children inherently carry that which is the crystalline energies. Not only are these energetics crystalline in nature, they are also carrying the harmonics of the pyramids, those which are tetrahedronal in form. These pyramids carrying an entirety of the spectrum of light. The Sacred Spiral. This meaning a fullness of the spectrum of light and frequencies. A complete set of energies. Perfection in existence.

This combination of light energies is perfection Universal. These children are able to function as pure energy within their consciousness. These little Beings are coming with the abilities to see past the illusions. The abilities to travel within their consciousnesses throughout the dimensional realms. They are able to see past the illusions that are created within your third dimensional realities.

It is that these children are able to communicate telepathically, and are speaking to others in other dimensions as a normal event in the course of their play. It is that these children understand that which you do not. That reality is not limited to that which is what you see, hear, feel, taste and smell, but a much greater reality that is beyond your physical manifestations.

It is that these children are coming forth into this world as it is written that they must at this time. It is that they carry to you Rememberings of that which is, that which is truth, that which is the essence of Being in the reality of the One. It is that these beings who come to you in this way are emissaries of the Ancient Ways. They bring to you a reality that to you seems to be one which is new. It is that this reality is of the Beginning. It is that these children carry the vibration that brings into harmony your world and the One.

These children are being misunderstood, and even considered abnormal in their behaviors. It is not so. It is that they come remembering that which you have forgotten. They have no patience for everyday smallness as it exists in your reality. To these young Beings, reality is a much larger and more important picture. It is that these children are sensitive to the feelings, the essences of others. It is that they are able to see what is truth within and around all things, and these children are not accepting of untruths in their realities.

These children are highly intuitive. They see all that is, and perceive all at once. They do not think within their mental structuring in linear form, but rather holographically. This type of thinking brings high intelligence. Their perceptive abilities are utilizing once dormant areas of brain matter that is coming alive with the genetic changes that are occurring at this time.

Many of these beings are coming as star-seeds to bring forward once again and carry the energies that must be utilized with the coming shift. It is that these children are forefront in the Knowings. And yet, as they exhibit their gifts, many of those responsible for these children are misunderstanding these behaviors as strange misalignments to the accepted reality.

These children are being taught against their inherent abilities to behave in ways that are foreign to them. They are resisting those untruths, and many of them are rebelling. They are becoming seen as problems in your societies as they fight the untruths that are given to them. It is that they are unable to see or interpret the logic or that which you consider important within your third dimensional structuring, as these children do not recognize structure in that which you perceive the normal ways.

It is that we ask you to become aware of these children, for it is they who bring you light, bring you Truth to your existences in ways that you are only beginning to become aware of.

It is that we ask you to nurture the gifts of these crystalline children, as they bring to you that which is an important part of your evolution toward becoming beings of light in your original form. Praise their difference.

Know that this is as it should be. They will bring you understandings as to the Ancient ways, those which you perceive as new ways, as those ways in which your world is operating at this time are of false truth, of disillusionment, of deception. These children come with the ability to teach you to operate as the One. It is that these children carry the ways of the future that will assist you in wholeness for a world of harmony, of peace, for within them is carried the vibration of all things. The One.

Indigo Children

 The Indigo Children are not to be considered “superior or elite” in comparison to other humans, but rather viewed as living demonstrations of the dormant abilities that are NOW beginning to rapidly unfold among ALL HUMAN POPULATIONS.

Scientific communities in China, the US and other countries are now identifying small groups of infants and children that display rare abilities such as purging HIV, advanced genius and psychic/telekinetic abilities and other extra-ordinary attributes. These are the identified Indigo Children. Indigos can display some or all of these qualities and others not yet identified.

In Indigo Children, fragments of DNA science identifies as ‘junk DNA’ and other portions of the DNA chain that science has yet to identify, are more organized and operational at birth than in the average populations, which gives Indigo Children biological, mental and/or spiritual skills and abilities that appear advanced, compared to that of the norm, these attributes can also present developmental challenges for some young indigos, as our present environment and cultural structures are harmful to humans with the advanced biological and psychological sensitivities that come with accelerated genetic development.

One little understood attribute of Indigo advancement is that of PERCEPTUAL EXPANSION, an accelerated psycho-spiritual biological orientation and natural usage of sensory abilities that are beyond the range of the commonly known 5 senses.

Attributes associated with Perceptual Expansion are a direct result of valid/heightened sensitivity caused by accelerated genetic development and organic advancement in spiritual orientation. Though phenomena associated with Perceptual Expansion are increasing among general populations as a result of human evolutionary progression, this attribute is more distinct and advanced in Indigo Children, which places them at risk within the present environmental, sociological and political atmosphere. The attributes of the Indigo can rapidly become heightened challenges for them personally and in relation to those around them.

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