Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)

Mark Grenon In Prison for 2.5 Years For Curing Covid With Chlorine Dioxide

Q1 2023

Mark Grenon, is the leading promoter of MMS, also called Chlorine Dioxide. He has replaced Jim Humble in the work of spreading the knowledge of MMS though out the world.

Early on in the pandemic Mark was in Columbia and arrested at the behest of the US government. He was there for over a year, in prison without charges for using MMS to cure covid although there is no prohibitive law in Columbia. Mark says that the Columbian prison allowed him to keep MMS on hand. The prison in Columbia treated him very well, but was paid by the US government to hold him. Last summer, 2022, he was extradited to a federal prison in the USA.

mark grenon interview with Dr. Merritt

Q3 2022

Mark Grenon talks about his work with Jim Humble, being thrown in jail for treating Covid-19 patients with MMS, protocols, etc.

mms health recovery manual – humble


Includes protocols for various ailments and chronic diseases using MMS, but should be skipped for now to proceed on to CDS (chlorine dioxide solution with Andreas Kalcker).


Sodium chlorite flakes 80% (NaClO2) is mixed with water. That solution is then “activated” with hydrochloric acid (HCL) in a 1:1 ratio (drops), which is called and sold as Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS).

Dr. Andreas Kalcker takes this process one small step further for a more advanced solution known as Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS), which is discussed in the next section.