Magnetic Sports

How The NFL Uses MAGNETS to RIG Football Games!

The NFL admits to putting computer chips into the footballs as early as the 2015 season. The league claims these chips are used to obtain data, however my opinion is these chips along with magnetic technology are being used to manipulate the footballs during field goal kicks and thus, RIG THE GAMES!!!

The NFL Uses MAGNETIC GLOVES to RIG Football Games!

Yes Magnetic Gloves are a real thing and if the technology does in fact exist (and it does) then I am going to assume that the NFL is using it to help rig games and create a buzz amongst fans talking about the “insane one handed grabs” that they witnessed on television replays.

The Masonic Rigging of College Football 2022

The Masonic Rigging of College Football is prevalent and obvious. Certain plays are scripted specifically to control the outcome of the game as well as control the fan’s experience at the game as well as on television.

The NBA Uses MAGNETIC RIMS To Script Games

The NBA is Rigged and Scripted. They have Magnetic Balls and Rims which can highly influence whether a shot goes in, or misses completely.

Magnets in the Ball (Proof) – Chosen King

Magnetic mechanics glove

Gloves and implements containing a flexible magnetic strip to improve grip

Environmentally-friendly graphene textiles could enable wearable electronics

Flexible and highly conductive Ag/G-coated cotton fabric based on graphene dipping and silver magnetron sputtering

Graphene, Novel Innovations Hold Key to Futuristic Smart Textiles

New Perspectives on Graphene/Polymer Fibers and Fabrics for Smart Textiles: The Relevance of the Polymer/Graphene Interphase