Magnetic Humans

The 18 minute segment from the first video briefly shows a short montage of a secondary phenomenon, which was actually discovered before the MAC address phenomenon.

Please review the evidence of humans suddenly exhibiting magnetic properties before we dive into The Big Reset documentary on the next page.

Dr T & NOTB Test the Public for magnetism

A doctor and her film crew ask random passersby at a park in London to test for magnetism and their vaccine status.

world wide Compilation of home videos


A glimpse of the 1000s worldwide discovering they have become magnetic.

Civil Action No. 2:21-cv-00702-CLM
American’s Frontline Doctors vs. HHS, NIAID, et al.

48. A couple of days after the shot metal started sticking to her body. Brittany had learned more about the shots and was alarmed. She asked the pharmacist why he provided shots with a blank package insert and he could not tell her what was in the shots

50. At Memorial Hospital, the hospital staff took x-rays with a spoon stuck to her body. In fact, the MRI technician tried it, and the spoon stuck to him as well.

Nurses & a patient at a hospital


The Zach and Gwen Interview – a story of Extreme magnetism
Q3 2021

Zach and Gwen are not vaccinated. Note that this was very early on before researchers were able to catch up so there is quite a bit of speculation on the cause and methods of transmission.

la quinta columna

Q3 2021

Graphene and magnetism in people, food, water, makeup, medicine, etc.

Microcrystals give magnets superpower over living cells
Q4 2019

“It’s almost alien,” says Bianxiao Cui. She’s a chemist at Stanford University in California.

The researchers pried open the cells and removed the crystals. Then they loaded these with iron. The team estimates that it packed some 8 billion iron atoms into each crystal before inserting those crystals into human cells growing in a dish. Now they exposed the cells to a magnetic field and waited to see what would happen.

And the cells moved.

Crystals started collecting close to the magnet. And the crystals pulled their cells with them. The team described this online September 25 in Nano Letters

Robinson expressed excitement over this. “It’s an excellent step,” he said, “toward engineering cells to create their own magnetic nanoparticles.”

Scientists aren’t sure what will happen to the crystals afterward. But the cells have the genes for the crystals. So every cell reproduced from the original cells should be able to make the crystals, Cui says.


We believe MRI scans are causing serious injuries including paralysis in Covid-19 vaccinated patients.

Patients are showing clear signs of having magnetised particles within them post-vaccination.

The hypothesis is that magnetised lipid nanoparticles within the patient migrate under the huge magnetic fields used within an MRI causing damage on a nanoscale equivalent to multiple shrapnel wounds.

These two key cases have been recorded within the media.


A young mother in her 20s presented to the hospital with metal objects including cutlery sticking to her arms, chest and forehead after the Moderna Covid-19 vaccination. She was admitted, and in an attempt to understand the magnetism, was given several MRI scans.

Her condition deteriorated and within a week of walking into the hospital, she was unable to move without the use of a walking frame.


A 12-year-old girl who was part of the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccination trial. She was suffering from partial paralysis, which was resolving, alongside ongoing urinary retention, severe constipation and an inability to take food by mouth leading to the placement of a nasogastric tube.

She deteriorated immediately after an MRI scan with contrast and became wheelchair-bound afterwards. Her mother describes the event “she couldn’t walk and then she could, then had MRI with contrast now she’s back in a wheelchair and I don’t know why.”

We have found that the majority of patients post Covid-19 vaccination show clear signs of magnetism, something that can easily be tested within seconds using a neodymium magnet. (This can be seen here .)

We strongly advise checking all patients for magnetism before referring them for MRI Scans.

The magnetism is usually easiest to detect at the site of the vaccination, the upper chest or around the bridge of the nose.

Going into an MRI scan could lead to whatever particles that are causing the magnetism to be pulled by the MRI scanner towards the periphery of their body damaging important structures along the way.

This could be extremely serious in the case of brain imaging.

Traditionally no-one who has even tiny fragments of loose materials that could be moved by a strong magnetic field should be going into MRI scanners.

QUOTE: “…The powerful magnetic field of the MR system may damage an external hearing aid or cause a heart pacemaker, electrical stimulator, or neurostimulator to malfunction or cause injury. If you have a bullet or any other metallic fragment in your body there is a potential risk that it could change position and possibly cause an injury….” –

The full power of the magnetism of an MRI can be seen in this video where a chair disintegrates:

First we had established that humans are suddenly emitting electronic wireless signals. Now we can see that some are also suddenly exhibiting a magnetic field too.

We humans are electromagnetic beings by nature but we must ask why these things are suddenly happening now.

When self diagnosing for magnetism, note that the magnetism may move from the injection site to the upper torso and head area. Test sparingly.

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