Hegelian Dialectic

Hegelian Dialectic

Biden vs Trump, Democrat vs Republican, Conservative vs Liberal, Left vs Right, Black vs White vs Yellow vs Brown vs Red, Christian vs Catholic vs Muslim vs Jew, United States vs China vs Russia, Young vs Old, Vaxxed vs Anti-Vax, are all labels made to keep us divided (Roman strategy of “divide and conquer”), distracted and pointing the finger at one another while the real antagonists carry on in secret using the Hegelian Dialectic to maintain control.

Hegelian Dialectic:

“The process begins with a specially engineered problem such as a terrorist attack, artificially created riots, mass murders, or any similar even that will produce the chaotic environment required to incite enough fear and anger, so that the “solution” can then be presented to a willing and desperate audience. Natural disasters can also be taken advantage of, and sometimes even exacerbated by lack of proper procedures or inadequate responses. The next step is to drill the desired chaotic attitude and hysterical responses into the mindset of the public, and is widely, and constantly displayed by the media. Emotionally charged and scripted news bulletins and broadcasts are largely employed, as well as drastic editing of photographic, video, and eye witness testimonies. Primal fear exploitation is heavily exercised in order to cause enough panic that the collective population will demand that action be taken by the authorities. Those actions, of course, are the very actions that the authoritative elite had pre-planned in advance! In exchange for safety from the contrived threat against them, the masses will willingly go along with the suggested agenda of the hidden decision makers.”

Agenda: Spy on citizens and steal natural resources (poppy seeds – opiates); financial cover-up and gain
Manufactured Problem (Thesis): 9\11
Manufactured Reaction (Anti-Thesis): “War on Terror”
Solution Method (Synthesis): Patriot Act and Afghanistan Invasion and 9\10\2001 Rumsfield announces over 2 trillion missing from Pentagon funds and Black Eagle Trust Fund

Agenda: Disarm the population
Manufactured Problem: Sandy Hook
Manufactured Reaction: Pass tighter gun control laws
Solution Method (Synthesis): Population disarmed

Agenda: Population control
Manufactured Problem (Thesis): Covid – 19; release manufactured bioweapon
Manufactured Reaction (Anti-Thesis): Vaccines; force manufactured bioweapon
Solution Method (Synthesis): Population controlled… for now.


Agenda: People are beginning to see the truth; need to keep them docile, misdirected, herded. People are beginning to take conspiracy “theories” seriously; need to make conspiracy “theories” seem ridiculous and crazy.
Manufactured Problem (Thesis): Propagate misinformation, disinformation, red herrings; propaganda
Manufactured Reaction (Anti-Thesis): Qanon\Trump
Solution Method (Synthesis): False hope to keep people passive and docile by thinking someone else is going to “save” them (bystander effect), like Qanon’s supposed list of sealed indictments and Trump’s supposed “draining of the swamp”. Misdirection to keep people looking at irrelevant material and fighting amongst themselves (Republicans vs Democrats). Since the amount of mis- and disinformation online can be overwhelming and intimidating (by design), people will be relieved to be fed (newsfeed) information a source they unknowingly trust who in actuality only disseminates half truths, only things they want people to find (gatekeeping) and red herrings. Now those who are unaware of the Truth will scoff at and dismiss any idea of a conspiracy as something silly related to Trump (“Make America great again, Again!”). Also gives a false sense of hope (“hopium”) to manufacture complacency and inaction ie., “the white hats took facebook over,” or the storming of the capitol false flag.

Note: Since they mix truths with lies, some good is still coming out of the above.

Note: The last example of the Haegelian Dialectic and the previous note can be applied to most orthodox, institutionalized religions.