Fresno Police Chief & Mayor – Jerry Dyer

John Lang


John Lang (51 year old male, white) was an activist and citizen of the City of Fresno, California. He noticed that the Fresno PD were unethically and illegally ticketing citizens purely for profit and dedicated himself to expose the systematic corruption. As he became more involved, he noticed that the Fresno PD and Sheriff were constantly surveilling and intimidating him, including sending a thermal imaging van (amongst a plethora of other video evidence) as seen in the preview, so he set up an advanced home security system with cameras to capture everything. As the intimidation and threats got worse, he started posting on social media and reached out to Fresno reporters, essentially predicting his own death, imploring them to follow up on his story after his demise.”

He was soon found dead with stab wounds to the chest after his house had been set on fire and burned down. His death was ruled a suicide.

“Since Fresno rarely makes headlines, this story didn’t garner much publicity but that may have been a blessing in disguise as the Thought Police did not have a chance to start “debunking” the story. Even searching on the Ministry of Truth’s favorite platform, Google, for “John Lang Fresno,” returns good results. Please do not let this man’s death be in vain and share! Thank you.

Did Men in Blue Murder Fresno Activist John Lang?

John Lang, 51, lost his life on January 20, 2016 after years of documented harassment and intimidation by Fresno Police Department and others.

Who Was John Lang?

Fresno Chief of Police Accused of Murder/Suicide Cover-up

In the wake of news about Fresno’s deputy police chief Keith Foster being charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin, another story was being shared widely on social media about the Fresno police department by the daughter of late Fresno police lieutenant Jose Moralez.

Moralez, who was a cop in Fresno for 30 years, was found dead in 2004 not far from the home of the Chief of Police, Jerry Dyer.

In 2004, Dyer suspended Moralez for allegedly violating department policy, and took his badge and firearm from him.  November 9, 2004, Moralez went to Dyer’s home to confront him after working out in his garage with his 13-year-old son.   That was the last time anyone saw Jose Moralez alive.

It was reported at the time that a motorist saw Jose face down, near a truck, with an alleged self-inflicted gunshot wound to his chest.

Apparent in a statement made by then City Manager, Daniel G. Hobbs, not everyone believed Jose’s death was a suicide


Why do people believe that FRESNO POLICE CHIEF JERRY DYER (61 years old male, white) MURDERED Fresno POLICE Lieutenant, JOSE MORALEZ?”

Fresno Police Lieutenant, Jose Moralez, told his department appointed psychologist – the day he was found dead across the street from Fresno Police Jerry Dyer’s home – that he was going to “confront” Jerry (a physical confrontation was understood), the day that Jerry Dyer had Captain Al Maroney fire him.

Fresno Police Lieutenant, Jose Moralez, did not go to Chief Dyer’s home, in rural South Fresno, to simply stand outside his Chevy Truck and commit suicide, as the Fresno County Sheriff and Coroner would have the public believe.

Fire Liar Dyer – repost of article originally printed in the Fresno Undercurrent

Police Chief Dyer was promoted to Sergeant in the Internal Affairs Unit ( “We’ve investigated ourselves…trust us.”) after he was investigated for the below referenced statutory rape, which suspiciously was never pursued by the Internal Affairs Unit in 2 separate investigations, even though Dyer admitted the “mistake” publicly.”

“Jerry Dyer is an American politician and law enforcement officer. He is the mayor-elect of Fresno, California. Previously, he served as the chief of the Fresno Police Department.” – wiki