Electromagnetic Fields & Games

Electromagnetic Fields and Remote Player Manipulation

Electromagnetic technology is embedded in and\or encloses every field, court, stadium, pitch, course, track, etc. as well as all equipment, vehicles, accessories and such that influences the entirety of the game. The environment will usually have lots of antennae (poles) and gridding (lattice like structures).

In sports like golf the players can influence the ball with the golf club after hitting the ball. In baseball the pitcher can influence the ball with their feet after throwing the ball. These are just one of dozens of noticeable anamolies when watched with scrutiny. The ball will often spin or rotate in impossible directions with strange velocity and trajectory.

Electromagnetic biotechnology is embedded in players, coaches, officials and other staff. This technology not only enhances the players abilities, but can also be used to manipulate the environment, equipment and even player movement (biomechanics\kinetics).

One will notice that the officials will make extremely subtle movements as if playing a virtual reality game split seconds before the player makes a motion. They seem to be utilizing foot movements and pressures (actuation and telemetry) the most. This is most noticeable in MMA and boxing but is prevalent in all major sports.

Players can be genetically altered with enhanced innate abilities as well (eugenics) and many of the top players in women’s sports were born as men too. However, like other celebrities, the athlete may not have known the extent and may be programmed, handled, conditioned and\or enslaved in some degree.

Other advanced technologies allow broadcasts to show fake crowds (packed stadiums) using green screen technology and fake sound bytes. Weather modification technology can be used at times.

Movies like Angels in the Outfield (1994) and Juwanna Mann (2002) allude to some of these.

Similar metaphors can be hear in modern day broad casts.