Directed Energy Weapons (NorCal Fires)

HELL in Paradise – PART 2

What they won’t tell you about the so called “wildfires” in northern California. I believe these fires were a direct result of a technology called directed energy weaponry and you can tell so from looking at the destruction that these are not normal fires.

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Project Anomaly

“Explanations” of the CA. Wild Fires are using this word mercilessly.

Guard Rail fires, boats that burn to the water line from the inside out, houses precisely destroyed, baseball fields burnt in a straight line, cars reduced to burnt rubble under trees, animals frozen/burned in mid-flight…..these are described [when acknowledged] as…..anomalies!!

THAT’S possible because we do not yet know how to interpret the NEW BURN SIGNATURES and PATTERNS that we, the citizens of the world, are facing.

Special Thanks to Schopenhauer, Churchill, Upton Sinclair, and Mark Twain for helping me to Cultivate my Common Sense, and to Stay Curious.

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‘Guard Rails on Fire at Keswick Dam’
‘CA Fire Jumping The Freeway Santa Rosa’
‘Carr Fire Whiskeytown Lake Guard Rails’.

Lean to identify the new burn signatures and stop the word ‘anomaly’ from being used as a punching bag by the media!

Paradise Lost #1 ~ Who Is Setting the Whirled on Fire?

Q4 2018

Agenda 21: Legislation to build high speed rails, megadams, PG&E activity, and resource extraction in Northern California just before the fires started. Keep insurance claims in mind.

 Paradise Lost # 20 ~ @ 50,000 Murdered !!!…A Matter of Genocide

Government fudging of statistics and intentional lack of effort to locate or identify thousands of missing and dead.

Santa Rosa & Northern CA Fires THE LAWS of PHYSICS (Where’d the houses go??) – inTruthbyGrace
Q3 2017

for eyes that can see, there is something wrong here, the melting/ burning point of common household materials like glass (2600℉) and stainless steel (2800℉) are DOUBLE the temperature of house and forest fires (1100℉) … and you might expect Rod Sterling to pop out at any moment in this footage..bc it’s like the Twilight Zone!!

Conclusive Photographic Evidence Proving California Is Under Attack by DEWs
Q3 2018

 Q3 2019
 Aerial 360 drone view of disentegrated homes surrounded by untouched trees.

Fox News: Segment on Laser Weapon Technology

Were The Devastating California Wildfires Caused By Directed-Energy Weapons? – Infowars

Concise and detailed Infowars segment on the Agenda 21 timeline leading up to the fires and an in depth look at the “melted cars”.

PARADISE DESTROYED: California Firemen Find Signatures of Directed Energy Weapons – Infowars

University professor and firemen.

 Paradise Lost # 23 ~ Mike Morales DEW WEAPONS SHOCK WAVES ROCKET Camp Fire

NASA and satellite long-wave IR imagery of something that looks like projectile (laser\DEW) trajectory and impact.

Paradise California Residents Were Deliberately Trapped and Killed, Manmade Fires Were Started All Around the Town’s Perimeter
Q4 2018

“My Notes:

A month or two before the fire, something was dropped from the sky, (in summer time) that looked like snow and tiny worms. Some stuck to her sliding glass door, and it was so peculiar she took photos of it. (Was it a fire accelerant???)

A week or two before fire: Helicopters hovering over Paradise Town, doing circles like they were surveying the land.

3 Days before the Fire, PG&E Called and Emailed residents of Paradise warning them of a fire potential on Thursday and telling people to have their fire plans ready. Each day of the 3 days before the fire, PG&E called the residents, repeatedly with these warnings, as well as multiple emails of warnings of a fire on Thursday.

Thursday the day of the fire, she noticed smoke at 7am going on what appeared to be a ridge a couple of mountains ridges away. She thought she was safe, but as a precaution, she drove to town to fill her gas tank. The town was not on fire, and it did not appear threatened at all. When she got home, about 8am, she also filled her bathtubs and sinks with water and sprayed down her house and surrounding area with a garden hose as a precaution. At this time she started to see things falling from the sky that looked like black tar paper or something.

About 11am she received a phone call of a mandatory evacuation for everyone in Paradise.

Paradise is a canyon surrounded by mountains on all sides, with few exits. As she was exiting the town she said she noticed that at the top of the telephone poles, all the transformer boxes were on fire. Flames coming out of the transformer boxes on the top of the telephone poles. She thinks these must have been triggered remotely, because there weren’t any fires near the poles at this time. Just the top of each pole was on fire. She said it looked like DEWs were used to set fire all around the perimeter of Paradise, to prevent people from escaping the canyon. She saw isolated houses on fire, with nothing on fire near the house, no fires leading up to the burning house.

She said that Paradise is basically a retirement community with a lot of disabled and/or elderly people who live there. So it would have been difficult for many of them to move as quickly as she did.

She thinks THE DEATH TOLL WILL BE IN THE THOUSANDS, but this will not go public, because it would arouse suspicions, that this was no ordinary fire.

She concludes by saying that We The People are under direct attack! War has been declared on us, and our own gov’t is the enemy.

The fires last year, and earlier this year, fire fighters kept complaining that some dressed as fire fighters actually were going around and sabotaging fire equipment. So yes this is a coordinated series of attacks, on mostly Conservative Trump Supporting counties, by the gov’t of CA.)

She goes on to say, that we are under attack and there is no one to help us. We are ordinary Patriotic Americans under senseless attacks by our own gov’t.”

Drive By Aftermath (Paradise)

How does steel twist and asphalt buckle when there’s nothing to burn under bridge in Malibu fire?
Q3 2018

Bridge Buckles at Mulholland Hwy & Troutdale Dr. in Malibu, California

Part 1 Paradise Fires —  Expert Testimony Retired Fire Captains: “I call them smart fires”
Q4 2018

Paradise Fire DEWs Smart Meters Retired Fire Captains and Fighters: John Lord and Matt Geo Engineering Chem Trails with Photos from John Lord. “The forest was the exposure”

2 months ago
There were a Brush fire on August 25, 2021 named the South fire, in San Bernardino, CA near the 15 freeway and Sierra Ave.

This began near the intersection and began to spread north and east. The area to the east of the intersection is where 50-100  homes are located. They appear to be on 1/3 or 1/2 acre lots. As the KTLA film crew records the fire moving north, the camera  spans to the EAST and you see homes that are smoking from the inside.  I counted 6. None are close to the other.

500 firefighters with 50 engines and 6 tankers and battling the fire according to the media reporters. Temperatures are perhaps 90F, and the wind is especially calm  at 5 mph.

Within 2 hours the fire is 400 acres and the assets assigned to fight it are having trouble slowing it.
Once more the film crew scans east and now homes are on fire.

After that,  the camera is turned away from the home fires.

This video remains YT.

Where are homes that are hundreds of feet from the fires, smoking from the inside?

1 year ago
5G is a microwave and plus they spray metals in the air where tree roots would soak up when it falls to the ground we all know what happens to metal in a microwave, would be interesting to hear their opinion on Dixie n Caldor if its natural or odd

8 months ago
The smart meters spontaneously combusted.

9 months ago
I have been meaning to update the record for a couple of years, but now I am finally doing it.  I am Matt, one of the two firefighters being interviewed by Shelly.  I mentioned that I believed that the Earth was a sphere.  I have come to realize that that is not correct, and that it appears to be a flat plane.  There is no drop anywhere bodies of water are measured.  I am now convinced that we are on a flat plane. I was slow in getting to this truth.

MELTED SMART METERS!! Part 2 Paradise Fires–Massive “Event” Expert Testimony Retired Fire Captains
Q4 2018

Smart meters. Note that John Lord has passed in the years since this interview.

4 years ago (edited)
These gentlemen are brave to come out. We should pray for their safety. This makes me very angry that we are being attacked on so many levels.As an electrician the grounding theory proves a strong point and is a smoking gun of evidence this was caused by directed energy.

4 years ago
Huge Kudos to experts John and Matt for their investigations and their bravery in sharing their findings here. I was on a mountain in 2008 and watched as (laser guided} lightening set Northern california ablaze. I was in shock as i watched perfectly timed lightening strike moving towards my location when just as I was going to evacuate the strikes turned toward the east, as if steered, where they continued around Ruth lake and then continued north, all the while being perfectly spaced apart in 20 to 30 second intervals. At that time i said to myself as I had said to myself when the twin towers went down…somethings wrong here.

After visiting Paradise the first week of Dec. and viewing the pictures of the Santa Rosa fires, I said something is even more wrong here.

It is so,so important that we not let these events fade into just another tragedy. It is so painfully obvious that we are under a full blown attack and this tyrannical operations are increasing at hyper speed. God Bless all in this battle for truth and prayers to all for their safety.

4 years ago
Wow, really appreciate the thorough and methodical approach of the evidence.  My son and I caught a lot of this, having some experience living in wildfire country, but many, many more details confirming what we have noticed….and so much more…  I consider myself pretty awake at this point but I’m feeling like someone hit me in the stomach and knocked the air out of me right now….

4 years ago (edited)
I’m an electrician, it is code that all panels are grounded. The ground rod is about  6′ long and is put into the ground except for about 1 foot. Then you take copper from the panel to a ground clamp. Then you ground to the cold water, it’s all about grounding. I believe that it had nothing to do with the meter, I’ll explain. Every house gets power from a pile or underground to a transformer, they overheat the main line, the transformer would explode. If they tried to overheat the meter, the main breaker would trip. My theory is, whatever they used overheated the house wiring past all these safety features, starting the inside of the house on fire. There is a YouTube video out showing a house in Malibu that had just been remodeled to today’s NEC code. The house was completely stucco, had a flat roof and completely surrounded by a concrete driveway. This video was taken by the home owner’s security camera. As you watch the video, you see a small fire/light on the outside wall. As the video progresses, you see a fire start on the inside of what looks like the living room. How can a fire start inside a house? Check it out, I think it was posted by aplanetruth, that video proves something strange happened. Also, there is a pick up in the driveway and a fire starts in the metal bed, what could possibly be burning? Hope this helps, great video!

4 years ago
Smart Meters turn the wiring in the whole house into a conduit for dirty electricity, so surges/pulsing would light the entire structure, caving it inwards as you describe.
Here in Southern Oregon, Pacific Power won’t sign an agreement to be responsible for equipment-caused fire, melting meters (a Canadian Co charged a customer 5k for their equipment, blaming him for not upgrading his old service), health issues or breaches of privacy, yet Opting out is $36 per month. This Extortion is against  Federal law, and unsustainable for those on low or fixed incomes. Gas and water Smart Meters are also planned. Opt out x 3? really?

18 neighbors in my online neighbor group also reported extremely high Dec. bills, doubling or  tripling. One neighbor was gone most of Dec., had the thermostat set at 55, separate supplemental gas, and a $588 bill. P Power won’t budge there either. It is probably PEAK HOUR CHARGING.

Youtube vids exist of recorded call ins asking if they should evacuate. ‘No orders given’ was the answer. Reported: Many roads closed or blocked, only gas station had no  power, 25 bulldozers stood by with 25 other fire equipment standing down.
FEMA set up way before event. Employee reported  to laugh that they cause the mess, then come in to clean up.

4 years ago (edited)
Thank you and these two guy very much for this interview and upload.
God bless you and these two guys and your work!
With greetings from Europe.
Europeans are interested in knowing the cause due to the deadly fires at Madeira in Portugal 2017 and at Mati in Greece in summer 2018 with similar effects.

Must See!! Part 3 Paradise Fires–Massive “Event” Expert Testimony Retired Fire Captains
Q4 2018

Chemtrails and what people can do.

4 years ago
You can see it in these guys eyes how this has affected them. They being used to dealing with tragedy are now on the front line in this fight as they are the ones with the experience to be able to give a valid opinion. I pray that the Lord keep them strong as it is devastating to them. It is in their eyes. And if it affects them to this degree, imagine how others are going to be affected as they start learning the truth. May God be with all of them.

4 years ago
I’m blue in the face trying to convince folks that these fires are unnatural and not the standard forest fires that I’ve ever seen. Backpacked for a lifetime in the Sierra and coastal ranges my entire life. Need to talk with these experts about my experiences and my 8 hour tour of Santa Rosa last December

4 years ago
I lived in paradise for years. It’s a retirement community. With regard to where are the people:
They are spread out wherever they can. Staying with family as many of mine did. No fema trailers or hotel vouchers here. People were also pushed out of the area. They closed down the makeshift shelter in the wal mart parking lot as well as a couple other shelters.

4 years ago
The Valley Fire (Anderson Springs) also was Total devastation….almost like evaporation of items such as antique wood burning stoves, refrigerators, toilets, cast iron cookware.  I was able to find an antique post hole iron bar that was melted together with a crowbar and a few items that were stored near each other.  The posthole bar actually melted and bent into a candy cane shape with 4 other items melted into it.  The trees were also burning from the inside out, and boulders in the creek area split apart, and or also melted into new conglomerates. My plastic garbage cans melted at the bottom where metal connected the wheels. 

The most bizarre thing I saw was 100 year old leaded glass that was 1/3 in thick had melted into crystals!  My cabin was lived in had been built by my grandfather in the late 1920s.  The antique wood burning stove and all metal kitchen sink-counter were also never “found”.  My property and roof were superbly clean with very little fuel on the ground.  3 years later, the oleanders survived and the bay laurels are coming back.  The oaks and  pines have been falling …what the lumber industry left after they were caught logging all the healthy trees that didn’t burn!  Mud and rock slides are the danger now.  I was there, I helped as many neighbors evacuate as I could, but one died the following day.  Now it’s pure politics…and they keep trying to get me off my property that I have a new small toy hauler on.  My 3 years to have my trailer there are up.  Now, what am I supposed to do.  I think you ought to look into those fires … in Lake County at least back to the Valley Fire.  (September 12, 2015)

4 years ago
This is the finest series of interviews ever done regarding the Northern Cal fire mysteries. Standing ovation for Shelley for putting this up on YT. You cannot examine the full range of oddities and anomalies and conclude that these fires are “conventional forest fires”. To do so would add your name to the long list of mind-wiped MSM kool-aid drinkers who really “can’t tell shit from shinola.” Bravo also to Jamie @ “Aplanetruth”. He has established a fund raising effort for victims to which I have contributed thru Paypal.

4 years ago
I thank all of you for your kind comments and prayers!  I send my BLESSINGS and my prayers to all those seeking truth.  TRUTH will prevail and the evil forces will be taken down (and are actively being dismantled) in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The time for the evil to end is here.  You are all a part of the Great Awakening!  God bless all of you!

Steven D. Kelley

Steven D Kelley is a Laser Electro Optics Engineer, Laser pioneer and inventor who created Laser Aiming Weapon Systems for military use. He was contracted through the NSA, CIA and other government agencies (NASA) to provide high precision laser technology through his company S.K. Industries.