Free Spotify on Android devices.


1. Uninstall Spotify.

2. Download and install APK from link above.

3. Open xManager. Hit the drop down menu under “Stock Patched”

4. Downloaded and install “Latest Version” (This will install a ‘patched’ version of Spotify)

5. Open Spotify normally.

6. Enjoy ad free. unlimited slips, play on demand and listen offline.


20240313_ Of Amitakh Stanford, Seth, Ramtha, & the New Age Movement

“Currently, we are entering a sub cycle of the Yuga that is bringing the Earth closer to the “seat of God” and we are experiencing a growth of spiritual awareness and expanded consciousness. Astrologically, the Age of Pisces ran for 2,000 years and we are now in the Age of Aquarius. So our expansion of awareness is only going to continue to increase by virtue of being alive on the planet at this time, regardless of what the Illuminati may want. It’s obvious that the Illuminati (and their alien pals) knew that this era of expanded consciousness was coming and they wanted to contain and manipulate it by setting up the New Age movement, but that’s Standard Operating Procedure for them.

However, they don’t OWN  the New Age, if that’s what we’re going to call this time of expanded awareness. The best that the Great White Brotherhood can hope to achieve is to manipulate it to their own advantage by setting up front organizations that claim to be the “leaders” of the New Age movement. So we wind up with people like JZ Knight, or Clare Prophet, or I Am, who behave in such a way that it’s fairly easy to see through them,. however, there are other people who may appear to be on the path of truth and enlightenment, but they may be marionettes of deception themselves.”

Full article here:


After having read the Seth Material (legit) and dabbling in Claire Prophet’s work and the I AM movement (not legit), I agree with everything Mr. Ken Adachi says here.



I Wanna Be Software – Grimes

How Peter Thiel’s Palantir Helped the NSA Spy on the Whole World
How Peter Thiel’s Palantir Helped the NSA Spy on the Whole World

Documents provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden  reveal Palantir’s role in creating the U.S. government’s international  spy machine.

Donald Trump has inherited the most powerful  machine for spying ever devised. How this petty, vengeful man might  wield and expand the sprawling American spy apparatus, already  vulnerable to abuse, is disturbing enough on its own. But the outlook is  even worse considering Trump’s vast preference for private sector  expertise and new strategic friendship with Silicon Valley billionaire investor Peter Thiel…

How Palantir Conquered the World – The Corbett Report

Thiel’s Palantir, Israel Agree Strategic Partnership for Battle Tech – 2024

Thiel purchased a 13.5 million dollar home that was previously owned by the NXIVM sex cult that he gave to the now deceased boyfriend who had committed “suicide.”

Thiel and the PayPal Mafia et al., helped create all the popular social media networks like FaceBook, LinkedIn, Digg, etc. Then they backed Trump. At around the same time the QAnon movement went rampant on social media platforms followed by heavy censorship on the dangers of vaccines.

Now they claim there was a falling out between the two groups in the past few years, which seems like a load of rubbish. However, the fact that Thiel’s boyfriend committed “suicide” in 2023 may lend a little credence to this claim.


Thiel and the PayPal Mafia et al., helped create all the popular social media networks like FaceBook, LinkedIn, Digg, etc. Then they backed Trump. At around the same time the QAnon movement went rampant on social media platforms followed by heavy censorship on the dangers of vaccines.

Now they claim there was a falling out between the two groups in the past few years, which seems like a load of rubbish. However, the fact that Thiel’s boyfriend committed “suicide” in 2023 may lend a little credence to this claim.


Peter Thiel Is MAGA’s Big Money Man


When the Genius Men of Silicon Valley Suddenly Don’t Seem So Smart

Tech acolytes are defending their relationship with a major Donald Trump surrogate and financial backer — and exposing how poorly they relate to situations outside the Silicon Valley bubble.


Grimes said she got a brain gadget for her birthday from a company competing with Elon Musk’s Neuralink


Grimes and Lil Uzi Vert make plans to get ‘brain chips’ together following Elon Musk’s Neuralink announcement
‘We’ll have the knowledge of the Gods haha,’ wrote Grimes on Twitter


Scientists achieve first human-to-human ‘mind meld’
University of Washington researcher sent brain signal via Internet to control hand motion of colleague across campus


Don’t Call It A Mind-Meld: Human Brains Connect Via Internet


 Grimes’s music predicted COVID, among other ominous things which have yet to happen.

Nanomaterial Delivery Systems for mRNA Vaccines

CureVac adopted a lipid nanoparticle delivery system from Acuitas…


Tesla teams up with CureVac to make ‘RNA microfactories’ for COVID-19 shot, Musk says


Elon Musk’s connection with Graphene Oxide


In conclusion, @chris414771, you might want to consider branching out and exploring other topics, like how to roast a human for example. Just kidding, don’t do that. But seriously, spice up your life and your posts.



Good news! Late last year, we were scoping out the plaza on Lincoln and Valley View and noticed a few shops that looked extremely suspect. Today, I was walking pass the same area and noticed that both the fitness center and the racing shop on the corner were now closed down.

The fitness center was the place that looked deserted the 2 times I had passed by previously that suddenly had woman yelping and exercising outdoors the 3rd time around. This is when I was still using the compromised phone where my location was privy to the opposition. In other words, they saw me coming and put in much effort to try and make the place look legitimate.

The racing shop was the mysterious looking building with heavily tinted windows. It had strange hours listed, 3 PM to 10 PM or so with a 666 tagged on the doors facing the street.

Back to the present, some bloke was loading supplies from the building into his truck while on his phone. We made eye contact for a split second when he quickly turned away, spit and then moved to block his license plate with his back turned towards me similar to the chumps in the Source mall’s parking lot. This made me wonder if there are a lot of things taking place, for the better, than we know. Because why else would they be so scared and rush to block their plates eh?

Secondly, while going to In-N-Out for the usual (hamburger with extra grilled onions, extra lettuce and no salt on the patty), to my delight another scrumptious surprise was to be found.

The receipt below is from my first visit to In-N-Out after I had moved back to the OC.

20231202: Weekly Update

Hi Everyone!

As some of you may know, for many years I have been writing posts on various platforms. Starting earlier this year, I shifted from orating and writing. As I hope to start writing more in the future, I will be reverting back to writing in place of the usual Sunday night podcasts to get some writing practice or reps in.


As I mentioned last week, we have been revisiting old broadcasts of the Academy Awards, Grammys, ESPYs, World’s (eSports), etc., and picking up a lot of the same types of signs and verbiage that we have been picking up recently. This week I had an inkling to look up interviews from some of the great figures that had influenced not only myself, but entire generations. To my surprise it took only a few moments before the same types of verbiage and body language mentioned earlier started to become apparent. Below are a few examples:

Tupac Interview on MTV News at Venice Beach (1995):


Michael Jackson Interview with Geraldo (2005):


Michael Jordan Hall of Fame Induction Speech (2011):

Kobe & Shaq Interview (2018):


Kobe Bryant Farewell Speech – “Mamba Out” (2020):


We then took a deeper dive into the secret space program like the one in “Ender’s Game” (1985) that overlapped with other topics like time travel and contact with extra terrestrials or “higher beings” if you will. Those links are below:


Corey Goode: Time-Traveling Secret Space Program Whistleblower (Postmodern Realities Podcast) (2022):



A Life of Public Service & Disclosure of Secret Space Programs – Michael Gerloff & Michael Salla (2017):

“The Cosmic Secret,” David Wilcock & Corey Goode (2023):

We also took a look at the “Book of Hosea” after seeing it referenced in the novel “Pachinko,” and found some interesting references to human sacrifice\sodomy, baal worship and Israelites.




Similarly, after learning about the “son of man” references in “The Cosmic Secret,” we also took another look at the Book of Enoch, the three parables. Note that this book is one of many that were originally included in the bible and eventually excluded for one reason or another. Upon reading, it should become clear why.


“When the secrets of the righteous shall be revealed and the sinners judged”



Lastly, as with most days, below is a song. An oldie but a goodie. One that I had not paid much attention to in the past but felt a strong resonance with after paying closer attention to the lyrics.


New World – Prince


20231029: Remote Control\Possessions

Use the left and right arrow keys to rewind and fast forward.

Watch and focus on the referee.


UFC 247

To download other replays use torrents. First download an application (client) to open torrent files (downloadable links).

Use this search engine to search for games\matches. Example.

VLC Media Player is recommended to play videos.
Shift + Left Arrow will rewind 3 seconds.
Shift + Right Arrow will fast forward 3 seconds.
[ will decrease playback speed by 0.1x
[ will increase playback speed by 0.1x

= will resent playback speed to 0.0

Please also see below for more information:



Dr. Charles Morgan on Psycho-Neurobiology and War

“you can watch the video but essentially what’s happening is when one person is playing the video game they’re not using their hands they’re simply looking at targets what’s going on in the other room is a transcranial magnetic stimulation device that creates a magnetic field that excites neurons and it’s the other man’s hand begins to move and hits the targets”