A comparison of diction from speeches by Donald Trump and Bobby Kennedy addressed to the Libertarian party from May 2024.

 LIVE: Donald Trump speaks at Libertarian event in Washington DC


 WATCH LIVE: RFK Jr. addresses Libertarian National Convention


Word Cloud: Trump

Word Cloud: Kennedy

Comparison of the most frequently used words from both speakers.

Below are a few things that stand out.


Blue: “Want” is the second most used word.
Ex: “if you want to win. only if you want to win. maybe you don’t want to win. maybe you don’t want to.”

Green: Trump refers to himself in the 3rd person many times.
Ex: “Trump promoted parental rights and school choice. Trump’s education department repealed the so-called guidance letter…”

Top Subjects: Trump mentions Libertarian, Joe Biden and Trump.


Purple/Top Subjects: Kennedy mentions Constitution, Bill of Rights and Amendments.

Yellow: Kennedy mentions, censorship, pandemic(s), farmers, medical.

(The exact place during the speech a word was used can be found easily by following the next section.)



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After clicking the link above to view the transcribed speech:

1. Press [Ctrl + F] to bring up the search word box at the bottom of
the page. Type in desired word then navigate results by using the buttons on the right.

2. The searched word will highlight on the right. [Click] the word on
the right to go to the timestamp in the video where the term is used.

Additional analysis of Trump’s recent speech following a guilty verdict taken starting from the 11:08 mark to show that there is something amiss about the rhetoric and diction used.

And they got a judge, Judge Martian.
Who was responsible for another case.
So it was also brought.
It destroyed the life of a very good man by the way,

Destroyed the life of a very good man.
Who went to prison once,
and then they just put him in prison again
because they said he, he lied.

He didn’t lie, I looked at the statements he made.
In fact he didn’t remember something
and they put him in jail,
again they’ve destroyed him.

With me for many years, he was an honorable person,
he was an honest man.
And if you look at what he did supposedly,
never happened, there’s never been anything like this.

Over the education of his grandchildren,
over he didn’t report that he had a car,
or two cars on his income.
I don’t know.

I wonder how many people here have cars,
I wonder how many people said,
oh gee I have a car that’s worth x dollars?
How do you even figure it?

And I guess you do have to report it,
but I would say probably almost nobody does,
nobody even thinks about it.
They put this man,
they destroyed this man.

But they put him in jail again,
because they didn’t want him to testify.
They didn’t want him to testify.
That’s why he went to jail.
Put him in jail twice.

He’s 77 years old.
Now normally I’d say that’s an old guy.
But I don’t feel 77.
Nobody ever says that about me.

I’d like them to say: “gee we have to have a little sorrow for this man”
Because they don’t they just don’t say that about me
but maybe I’m better off that way.
I think I’m probably better off that way.

But they put him in jail, twice.
And you have to see what they put him in jail.
And he was threatened by the judge.

This man was told you’re going to get 15 years in jail
if you you don’t give up Trump.
And he was told that.
You’re going to get 15 years in jail.

And he made a plea deal because he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life.
And he was told that viciously.
We’re living in a… in a fascist State.
He was told that viciously.

So you can go to jail for four months, five months.
Or you can get 15 years in jail, so do a plea.
Almost who wouldn’t do that plea?
Everyone does those pleas.

It’s a horrible thing.
There’s a whole group of lawyers that fight that.
It’s so unfair.
It’s so unfair.

But they destroyed his life.
So many other things, uh
You look at Southern District didn’t want to bring the case.
Nobody wanted to bring the case.

And then you know who didn’t want to bring the case?
Most of all… is Brag.
Brag didn’t want to bring it.
But then he brought it.

And they tried to make it a different case.
They didn’t say legal expense equal legal expense.
Again if I wrote down and paid a lawyer.
And by the way this was a highly qualified lawyer.

Now I’m not allowed to use his name because of the gag order.
Nut you know he’s a sleeeze bag.
Everybody knows that took me a while to find out.
But he was effective. He did work.

But he wasn’t a fixer.
He was a lawyer.
You know they like to use the word fixer.
He wasn’t a fixer.
He was a lawyer.

At the time he was a a fully accredited lawyer.
Now he got into trouble.
Not because of me.
He got into trouble because he made outside deals.

And he had something to do with taxi cabs.
And medallions.
And he borrowed money.
And that’s why he went.

And then he pled, to three, uh three election violations.
And as soon as I saw that I said I wonder why he did that.
He plead.
He took a deal.

Now he took a deal because he wanted to get off.
In other words I’ll take a plea deal and I want to get off.

And he wanted to make a deal with the southern district.
And they wrote the worst report I think I’ve ever seen on any human being other than the report.

That was written on James Comey by the Inspector General.
A very great Inspector General actually.
Wrote a report that was so bad.
This one was possibly worse.
The southern district.

The judge didn’t let us use it.
He said it’s heresay.
I said it’s not heresay.
Wouldn’t let us use it.

(A bit too poetic in many ways. NLP gone wrong?)

Alex Jones uses “Alex Jones” 17 times. Constantly referring to himself i the 3rd person just like Donald Trump.

He also says “Texas” 16 times when talking about his SH case in Connecticut.

[Alex Jones]
My voice will completely go… but it’s fine.
It’s my resistance to them.
It’s a God’s transmission as a human under attack!

[Alex Jones Yells]

Two of the best selling products on his site are “brain force,” and “super male vitality.”

Read the reviews carefully. Analyze the names, the subject, the misspellings, sentence structure, verified buyer stamp, etc.



As a side note, here is a US senate candidate’s statement from the 2024 Official Vote Information Guide. Seems like it was written by AI based on similar large language models as Donald Trump and Alex Jones.


For anyone else who was able to follow the glorious ActionKid’s (and many others’) revelatory work, who also find thems elves spellbound by etymology and the nuances of the spoken word, the literary masterpiece (#1 NYT bestseller) below is a must.


“From award-winning author R. F. Kuang comes Babel, a thematic response to The Secret History and a tonal retort to Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell that grapples with student revolutions, colonial resistance, and the use of language and translation as the dominating tool of the British empire.”

Editorial Reviews from Amazon:

“A fantastical takedown of 19th-century imperialism that’s as meaty as its title. R.F. Kuang proved her prowess at blending history and magic with her debut series, The Poppy War, and she’s done it once again in this sweeping novel that blends historical fantasy and dark academia…If, as Babel suggests, words contain magic, then Kuang has written something spellbinding.” — Oprah Daily

“Kuang follows her award-winning Poppy War trilogy with an engaging fantasy about the magic of language. Her richly descriptive stand-alone novel about an ever-expanding, alternate-world empire powered by magically enhanced silver talismans scrutinizes linguistics, history, politics, and the social customs of Victorian-era Great Britain.” — Booklist (starred review)

“It’s ambitious and powerful while displaying a deep love of language and literature…Dark academia as it should be.” — Kirkus Reviews

“R.F. Kuang has written a masterpiece. Through a meticulously researched and a wholly impressive deep dive into linguistics and the politics of language and translation, Kuang weaves a story that is part love-hate letter to academia, part scathing indictment of the colonial enterprise, and all fiery revolution.” — Rebecca Roanhorse, New York Times bestselling author of Black Sun

“Babel is a masterpiece. A stunningly brilliant exploration of identity, belonging, the cost of empire and revolution—and the true power of language. Kuang has written the book the world has been waiting for.” — Peng Shepherd, bestselling author of The Cartographers

“A brilliant and often harrowing exploration of violence, etymology, colonialism, and the intersections that run between them. Babel is as profound as it is moving.” — Alexis Henderson, author of The Year of the Witching

“If you only read one book this year, read this one. Through the incredibly believable alternative HF, Kuang has distilled the truth about imperialism and colonization in our world. Kuang’s depth of knowledge of history and linguistics is breathtaking. This book is a masterpiece in every sense of the word, a true privilege to read.”  — Jesse Sutanto, author of Dial A for Aunties

“BABEL is one of the finest standalone novels I’ve read. It is a victory for literature, and its quality is what every other dark academia novel should strive to be. Paying homage to the importance of languages, translations, identity, and ethnicities, BABEL is one of the most important works of the year.” — Novel Notions

About the Author:

Rebecca F. Kuang is the #1 New York Times bestselling and Hugo, Nebula, Locus, and World Fantasy Award nominated author of Babel, the Poppy War trilogy, and the forthcoming Yellowface. She is a Marshall Scholar, translator, and has an MPhil in Chinese Studies from Cambridge and an MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies from Oxford. She is now pursuing a PhD in East Asian Languages and Literatures at Yale.

The local library where I live has a program where a patron is able to request any book under $50 for free that is shipped directly to one’s home! It is called the ZIP program and is most likely available at your local branch for California residents.


There are also two websites that allows patrons to check out e-books and audio books from their local branch using a library card for free.


“Babel”, prompted me to download Google Lens. While fiddling with the translation feature I was delighted to find extra copies of my grandfather’s award winning book that I thought our family was starting to run out of copies for! This could not have been a more relevant discovery as I was quickly reminded by the dusk jacket about the stories we heard at a young age about my grandfather teaching himself English by memorizing a textbook while imprisoned in an internment camp after fleeing from the north during the Korean War and eventually go on to become a translator\interpreter for the US Armed Forces.

(using Google Lens)

Seonghee Lee (Matriarch)

As an aside, for any Korean speakers that are are interested, below are links to the 60th Annual Baeksang Awards (백상예술대상).



Extra-Ordinary: My Life as Number Seven

After having some interesting dreams I woke up early today and decided to make some coffee. I usually don’t interact with my aunt in the AM since I wake up later, but happened to do so today. The first thing she said to me was “Oh boy, my taste buds are so sharp, this breakfast is so tasty,” after having eaten very bland, nothing special type of foods, followed by a fit of sniffing as if she had been hit with a massive allergy attack so early in the morning (without having opened a window or stepped outside no less), immediately followed by a gulp and sigh of relief as if her snot was actually a load of Turkish delight. I forgot to mention that today is memorial day, a holiday. The way I see it, she woke up and “wake and baked” or should I say “wake and bumped,” accordingly.

She had make such an inorganic, forced statement once before, a day or two after I looked up and shared the long term damaging effects of cocaine addiction, one of which was the deterioration of one’s sense of taste\smell. Mind you that everything she cooks is extremely salty. Inedible. To the point where I would experience extreme bloating\swelling and need to use the bathroom 3-4 times during the night. That was also when she randomly exclaimed that she was too tired to make dinner and went out to eat for the first (and only) time since I began my stay here. “Coincidentally,” that was right after I started connecting the dots, exclaiming aloud that it was no wonder she was able to stay out for 12+ hours in a day, sometimes 5 days a week, at her age without a hitch. Then I started connecting why she would make strange and eerie remarks with such an air of grandiosity like “Did you know it takes a few more hours to come back from Korea than to fly there? It’s because of the wind. Now that’s REAL science, unlike trying to explain the existence of God.” Also, remember the story about my father telling me that my real father was my uncle and my real mother was my aunt and laughing and giggling saying that he never said that and that I was making things up?

Ironically, my aunt had been giving me flack for drinking or smoking marijuana (or doing “drugs” in her words) while she was the one snorting coke up her nose and looking down her nose at me because of my vices, talking about how close she is with God and how Catholicism had done so much for her. When I say flack, I mean she would bang on my door, barge in and start kicking me just for having a 6 pack of brew. There was also a time when she wrote “No Drugs!” on a whiteboard on the refrigerator (passive aggressiveness is her forte). Another time she was yelling at me so I went outside to avoid conflict as I normally do in those situations and she started yelling in English, intentionally so the neighbors could hear, about how all the neighbors could see\smell me smoking, implying that my habits would make her and her household “look bad.”

Going back to the cocaine, mind you this this was all verified through various “channels” like the recent SNL weekly news skit alluding to the dangers\insanity of mixing Christianity and cocaine amongst other things (not to mention the skit about the faculty member trying to seduce and cheat everyone in the staff). Also the song about being on a cocaine and caffeine high while coming down from the mountain but that’s a story for another day and another person (all of these were from 2024 as I started piecing things together). Let’s just say that multiple members of this family are addicted to or have recently been addicted to hard drugs, amongst other things like sexually abusing minors (while holding a position of authority like a priest or Jerry Sandusky no less) or drug fueled orgies while their children are at home and trying to sleep in the adjoining room. Anyway, I just thought this was the perfect example to show why nobody respects a loud mouthed, self righteous Christian and how disrespectful saying things like “I’m proud to be a Catholic” is to the real believers.

Life can be funny at times. A few years ago, my family was telling me that I was imagining things because of my former cocaine addiction (even though I had been clean for over a year, only binging on the weekends and addicted for only 2-3 years) and saying that I was some kind of selfish individual who got angry just because others didn’t believe in the things that I believed in. They would go so far as to say that I was making up stories to create some sort of fantasy world to make myself feel better. A few years later it turns out that they are the ones who are addicted to drugs, who lie and make up stories, and get angry when people like me refuse to believe in the things that they believe, like the safety and efficacy of the vaccines or Christian myth.

If that wasn’t enough, it also turns out that some of them were even fooled into thinking they were part of some elite caste that was better than everyone else (think Orden Tempe Orientalis, Freemasonry, et al.). As you can imagine, that would explain how they could act so righteous while being addicted to drugs and taking advantage of minors entrusted under them, as if certain rules applied to everyone else but them. After finally being able to put all of this together it all finally made sense! Long term cocaine addiction can lead to schizophrenic tendencies, which would explain the inexplicable behavior – interactions and reactions that defied all logic and reasoning when trying to have meaningful conversations. And being tricked into thinking one is part of some secret, special, society could only lead to extreme pretentiousness, narcissism and complete inability to have a civil argument about… well, anything.

“I’m right and you’re wrong because I’m _______ than you. End of discussion. I will just speak louder, laugh, and cut you off until you submit.”

_______ = Older, smarter, more accomplished, more special… better.

Here’s the icing on the cake. After all that has transpired in the past year or so, not a single person in this family has admitted that they were wrong, displayed any remorse, nor asked me to help explain anything. Not a single who, what, where or why. In fact, they were under the impression that I was still the one who was mistaken. They were just so eager to prove that they understood exactly what was happening (FOMO). For example, my uncle (who went through my things and stole $200 when I first moved in here) and father would time their bites and put down their forks in rhythm with the music as if that was something cool to be proud of. Imagine how freakishly weird that would look to other people at the restaurant when the movements of the two older men were all rushed and awkward in a desperate attempt to match the music as if we were trying to intentionally choreograph some kind of new eat-dancing routine! Another example is how they thought me not using my ATM card to purchase something on Amazon or CostCo would somehow hide me from something as if they could even begin to understand who or what it was that I was up against. They also kept pressuring me to cut my hair when I first arrived, under the same pretense I suspect.

I tried to share a TV episode with my half sister once, which she said she didn’t watch because it was “too crass,” when it was actually all about her bad lifestyle habits. She then went on to tell me to stop contacting her because she didn’t have the time, education nor strength to deal with my mental illness. She also chewed me out for “only calling when I needed help with something or wanted to talk to someone.” I was under the impression that that was what family was for! I also tried to show my aunt the deepfake movies with characters resembling our family and she dismissed it with a laugh saying “you must not be able to distinguish Asian faces and they must all look the same to you since you don’t watch Korean movies often.” Another time, I asked her if it was usually this cold in their house and she said that it was probably because I was taking too much of “my medicine,” when she didn’t know a single thing about CD, let alone dosage. For some strange reason, her MO was to prove wrong and sabotage everything that had been taught to me, just like the entire family’s MO from the very beginning. To my dismay, I came back to realize that not only had nothing changed, but things had gotten worse!

On top of all of that, as if that wasn’t bad enough, some of them even thought that everything that was happening was actually for their own sake and that I was misinterpreting things. They thought that they were just so special that the universe suddenly decided to gift them out of the blue when all they did was talk down about every other race and community besides theirs and when they hadn’t lifted a finger to help better the world (on a macro level at least). I even felt that some were being extra delicate with me as if they were getting ready to tell me what was really going and to let me down gently, while others were being extra egotistical and annoyed that I didn’t realize that everything was about them and had nothing to do with myself. This can be somewhat understandable because we may have similar mannerisms since we are family, but not having an ounce of humility, skepticism, hesitancy or doubt (ie. “jeeze I didn’t even do anything to deserve this”) makes me suspect schizophrenia, narcissism and\or handlers, not necessarily in that order and not mutually exclusive. Perhaps this could all fall under the umbrella of the ego, but I digress.

The hosting for this website will expire in a few weeks and I will not be able to renew it for some time so this will be my final post. Of course I hope to eventually share more things in the future, but this will be the final curtain call for the time being. Hopefully this will explain some of my rash and rather hysteric behavior at times and also what may have been perceived (rightfully so) as ungratefulness, lack of responsibility, lazyness, immaturity, etc.

Thank you and good night! We hope you enjoyed the show! Please leave a review on Yelp for an order of free egg rolls and 10% off your next order.

PS. Sorry for the spoiler but today’s (5/27/2024) Wordle is SKIER.

PSS. It’s really the processed carbs and refined sugar (simple carbs and white flours) that give carbohydrates a bad name. Healthy carbs (glucose) are still necessary for the body\brain to function properly! (Thank you Mr. Gosling).


Saad and Rogan start off the episode with some interesting perspectives on the Israel\Palestine war. Combined with RFK Jr. mentioning how Israel was the only US\Western strategic position (resources) in the area it became apparent how little most of us know about what is really taking place and why. It is also worth remembering what really happened at the Las Vegas Massacre and Ted Gunderson mentioning child traffickers in the ME not to mention oil barons known to spend million on Instagram models (prostitutes). Not to mention the tunnels!

When U.S. Marines and Israeli paratroopers undertook their biannual joint training exercises in March 2018, the urban warfare segment featured “learning how to fight in tunnels, something marines haven’t had to do since the Vietnam War,” according to the Marines’ battalion commander. The inclusion of tunnel warfare in training reflects increased awareness of the use of tunnels as a method of warfare, particularly in the wake of Hamas’s use of tunnels to launch attacks across the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel helping to trigger Israel’s 2014 Operation Protective Edge campaign.”


“Gunderson warned about the supposed proliferation of secret Satanic groups, and the danger posed by the New World Order, an alleged shadow government that would be controlling the US government. He also claimed that a “slave auction” in which children were sold to men in turbans had been held in Las Vegas, that four thousand ritual human sacrifices are performed in New York City every year”



It would be unwise\unfair to dismiss anyone who holds a different view on the situation (even a speck of support in defense of Israel or against Palestine\the ME will get one demonized in the present). For example, dismissing everything Bobby Kennedy has devoted his life towards (CHD, the pandemic, etc.) just because he has a different view on the situation would not be fair. Same for Musk, et al. It may also be worth noting that Moloch\Baal are originally Phoenician\Canaanite (modern Lebanon) deities, although not withstanding the concept of duality.

One may also use similar reasoning with the Russia\Ukraine situation, especially when it comes to resources and precious minerals.




Below are all of the videos from AK that had been reviewed thus far, starting with AK1. Note that the video on the bottom of each screen shot is the first one viewed, chronologically, for that set. Please donate\support AK if you find these videos helpful!

As a side note, taking one teaspoon of turmeric mixed with water seems to alleviate anxiety like symptoms. It is also known to boost one’s health in many other ways.



Now that I cut down on drinking I noticed that there are less hairs clogging the shower drain. As I had suspected, heavy alcohol intake will correlate directly with hair loss and early balding (amongst other things like nerve damage). This should not be much of a surprise since heavy alcohol consumption leads to vitamin B deficiencies and biotin is critical for hair and nail health.

Secondly, Katt Williams is one smart cat. For those interested in esoteric and occult type knowledge – this is a great listen!