Good news! Late last year, we were scoping out the plaza on Lincoln and Valley View and noticed a few shops that looked extremely suspect. Today, I was walking pass the same area and noticed that both the fitness center and the racing shop on the corner were now closed down.

The fitness center was the place that looked deserted the 2 times I had passed by previously that suddenly had woman yelping and exercising outdoors the 3rd time around. This is when I was still using the compromised phone where my location was privy to the opposition. In other words, they saw me coming and put in much effort to try and make the place look legitimate.

The racing shop was the mysterious looking building with heavily tinted windows. It had strange hours listed, 3 PM to 10 PM or so with a 666 tagged on the doors facing the street.

Back to the present, some bloke was loading supplies from the building into his truck while on his phone. We made eye contact for a split second when he quickly turned away, spit and then moved to block his license plate with his back turned towards me similar to the chumps in the Source mall’s parking lot. This made me wonder if there are a lot of things taking place, for the better, than we know. Because why else would they be so scared and rush to block their plates eh?

Secondly, while going to In-N-Out for the usual (hamburger with extra grilled onions, extra lettuce and no salt on the patty), to my delight another scrumptious surprise was to be found.

The receipt below is from my first visit to In-N-Out after I had moved back to the OC.