20230715: 5 Docs (June) & Roses

The Five Docs Monthly Update – June 2023

Listen in to the Docs and enjoy our monthly ‘no holds barred’ call with these amazing 5 doctors as they share their personal and professional opinions about current events.

Dr Lawrence Palevsky
Dr Sherri Tenpenny
Dr Christiane Northrup
Dr Carrie Madej
Dr Lee Merritt


Roses from my garden & neighbor’s garden that have not been grafted. The colors seem to be spreading across the fence, through the soil (myocelia?).

few weeks later

next day with more sun

Basil purchased with 1 green sprout and 1 purple sprout. Colors marbling as Madej mentions (vivid camera filter).

It looks like the purple is reflecting off the green stalk and vice versa like sunshine (ultraviolet).

Other Roses from Around the Block: